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How to Create Animated Video Online with ANMISH in Seconds

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Cartoon Animation is very interesting topic, you can create Cartoons, move them by adding motion to them. You can create a whole new world in Animation with your own characters, but for the specialization in Animation, You need to learn many things like software, scripts, work on 2D and 3D environment. You have to spend money and time to learn these things. But if you want to create Basic Animation in few seconds without spending money and learning much things. Then ANMISH is the right place for you, although it is still in Beta Phase, but you can still try to create Animation.

With these basic animations, you can create Cartoon Videos with your voice and use them for presentations, wish birthday to your loved ones in new style and much more. You can add Morphing effect in your voice to suite puppets or cartoon. Here you will also get Cartoons of few well known personalities like Barack Obama, Hosni Mubarak, Lady Gaga, Muammar Gaddafi and few more. So if you want to know How to Create Animated Video Online with ANMISH in Seconds either watch our embedded video or follow below mentioned steps.

How to Create Animated Video Online with ANMISH in Seconds

  1. First of all visit website www.anmish.com
  2. Then sign up for ANMISH account
  3. After Logging In to your ANMISH account, you will see various animated character, Celebrities, Puppets and presentation options
  4. Click on the Tab, for which you want to create animation(Generally Celebrities Tab is the default tab)
  5. Now choose any Character to Create Animation
  6. Now after clicking on your characters image, you will reach to a new window where you will see Adobe Flash Permission window, Click on Allow
  7. Then you can configure voice recording option and Voice Morphing Level
  8. And after starting recording, you can click on Happy, Sad, Angry, Cry, Close UP and Medium shot buttons to add more effects to your videos
  9. After Completing Animation Save it, so you can embed your created video Anywhere in future

This is very quick method to create basic animation, If you like this article, Please share you comments in the comment section below.

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