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How to Create Fake Screenshots

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Screenshots are useful in many ways nowadays. It can promote many software and games. People get an idea about the UI of any software through it. But there are ways to create fake screenshots even. Here are few ways to create fake screenshots in different techniques.

How to Create Fake Screenshots

  1. Fake screenshots can be created using the Firebug. There is a way to create fake screenshots for Paypal. First and foremost Firebug needs to be installed. Then the Paypal account has to be logged in. After this, the Firebug needs to be started either by pressing F12 or by right clicking the Paypal balance element and selecting. The edit button needs to be clicked and anything can be changed. The Print Screen button needs to be pressed. Now this edited fake screenshot can be saved as an image. https://getfirebug.com/downloads/
  2. The posts on Facebook can be edited and fake screenshots can be created. The conversations or comments on Facebook can be modified to make fun. This can be done with the help of Wall Machine. The software is a WYSIWYG tool. http://thewallmachine.com/
  3. The Tweets or conversations on Twitter can be changed also. For this, the user needs software called the Fake Twitter Builder. People use this software for making fun or setting up controversies sometimes. http://faketweetbuilder.com/
  4. Fake screenshots can be made for Siri Conversations. The software is called the ifakesiri. For doing this, choosing the operator is a must. http://www.ifakesiri.com/index.php
  5. The boarding passes of airlines can also be modified into a fake one. For this, there is a software tool called the Ticket-O-Matic. This is a wonderful tool to create fake boarding passes’ screenshots. http://omatic.musicairport.com/
  6. The Fodey software tool can help to create fake screenshots for newspaper as well. This can be dangerous too is people misuse this application to spread rumours all around. http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp
  7. Sometimes, people create fake screenshots of receipts as well. This can be useful also sometimes. For doing this, one must have the ExpenseSteak. The amount needs to be entered and the fake receipt will be made by the software immediately. http://expenseasteak.com/

All the software tools mentioned above are really useful for making fake screenshots. But it must be remembered that these tools must not be mishandled. They should be utilised for right purposes. It must not harm any individual and create controversies about any matter. The ways discussed above are the best ones.

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