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How to Easily Share Files Between Nearby Computers

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Sharing files among various computers and other portable media devices has been growing lately in this modern world. This is the era of speed and media file portability. People who are willing to upgrade their computers and trying to share files between the computers and also mobile devices they can easily save a lot of time if they follow the following tips.

How to Easily Share Files Between Nearby Computers

Thumb or Flash Drives
People who are willing to share large files easily and quickly can make use of the Thumb Drives or most commonly known as the Flash drives, USB drives etcetera. This is the easiest and most economical way of transferring files from one computer to another or from one computer to a portable media device. The main disadvantage is that it has to be carried to places physically in order to get the files transferred and shared.
E-mail Sharing
The other method is to share files by using the E-mail services. The person needs to have a personal E-mail ID in order to share files and folders with other people sitting in front of his computer or media device anywhere in the world. The idea is to share small sized media files. This is the only disadvantage of using an E-mail i.e. it has restrictions on the file size to be shared.
External Hard Drives
Similar to the flash drives comes next the External Hard Drives. This is a portable device which comes in handy when very large sized files are to be shared. External hard drives are the safest place to keep the data in cash the computer crashes. The advantage of an external hard drive is that is has a much larger space capacity compared to the flash drives and the USB drives and as far as the price of these portable media storage devices go, the price of flash drives are cheaper than the price of the external hard drives.
Network Sharing
Another way to share files between nearby computers is by sharing them via home network. For this a user should be connected to the internet. A person storing all his pictures, videos, music on his computer can share with another computer connected to the same home network and allow the other person to access the files and folders.
Thus file sharing is very much needed in today’s world where people tend to be at several places from time to time and need to access to their personal computers to find for files that might in case be needed urgently.

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