How to Export Transparent Background Video in After Effects CS6

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After Effect is Most used Software for Generating various kinds of effect in Videos, Now Adobe has launched the New Adobe Master Suite with Various media and Graphic Softwares, After Effect CS6 software is one important part of that Collection. Now after creating Various Effect to a Solid background Composition, You have to sometimes export video clip with transparent background or without any solid background (Note: I am not talking about exporting transparent background out of a video which already has some background, I am talking about video which you have created in after effect with solid color background like text with color background), so that you can use that clip on any background to create impressive Video. Then Follow Our Step by Step Guide to Export Transparent Background Video in After Effects CS6 or watch this video below.

How to Export Transparent Background Video in After Effects CS6

Suppose we have made a composition in after effect with blue color background and applied various effect on text, Now after applying all the effects, we want to export this video with transparent background, so that we can use this clip with any background in any video editing software like adobe premier pro. To export Video without background apply below settings to your video while rendering.

  1. First create a New Composition to create a composition
  2. Then create your after effect clip as you want with solid background
  3. Now after applying all effects to your video again start the rendering process
  4. For Render your current video click on Composition
  5. Then Click on Add to Render queue
  6. Now you will see that Render queue will appear in bottom of your workspace with your current video Rendering Option
  7. Now Click on “Lossless” attribute in Output Module Field which is in Orange color
  8. Then Select Video Output Setting as below
    • Channels : RGB+Alpha
    • Depth : Millions of Colors+
    • Colors : Straight (Unmatted)
  9. Then click on OK
  10. Then you can choose your file name and file save location by clicking Orange attribute right side to “Output To” field
  11. Now Click on Render button, little upper from right bottom side as shown in video

Then you will get output video with something unusual white and black background with some ugly look. But when you apply this video on some nice background in any editing software the ugly white and black background will disappear and you will get nice and smooth video with great background.
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