How to Fake Facebook Location

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It is very funny to Fake Facebook location, when you’ve told your buddies that you’ll be going out for a beach party at an amazing location, when you’re actually gulping popcorn while watching the TV.  However, during all this while you have to restrain yourself from posting anything on Facebook; this is because the Facebook location is smart and hence, it can totally trace your exact location. However, you definitely have a Savior in this regard. With the following steps, you can easily fake your Facebook location effectively and appropriately. So, read along, in order to know more and definitely know better.

How to Fake Facebook Location

Use Geolocator; a Firefox add on
Yes! Geolocator can totally save you in Fake Facebook location. All you have to do is add this Firefox add on in your browser. After this, download the User-Agent Switcher add on as well. As soon as your file is downloaded, run it, and, effectively choose your Fake Facebook location from the tools menu.  After doing this, also run the User-Agent Switcher, which is best equipped to work with Smartphones. Soon, log in to Facebook and while doing so, a pop up will ask you about your just created location. Choose the options and finally complete the required steps.

Fake Location for iPhone and Android
You can even fake your location in iPhone and Android with the help of some amazing and purposeful apps. iPhone user can enjoy the advantages of an app called “FakeLocation” in Cydia. The app lets you select your desired location from a map and it also lets you select the applications where you want to fake your location on. You can do the same trick with Android phones. Android hones has a fake location software called the “fake Location”. The app has similar features like the iPhone one, and, is pretty user friendly as well.
Things to Remember
While changing your location, you should always remember that Facebook doesn’t let you check into two distances which are at a pretty “long” distance. You may be able to choose your location but just after 5 minutes, Facebook will interrupt you and ask you to enter your location again. Hence, be very careful while you enter your location on Facebook. Also, try not to misuse this feature by always duping friends. These fake locations can also help you succeed in business; hence, plan out appropriately and properly. Choose correct locations enjoy Facebook and also to enhance returns from your business.

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