How to Install Google Fonts in Windows PC

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Google provides its users a wide range of applications. Designing a web page is quite easy and can be made much attractive if you use it through Google fonts. A new feature recently added allows Google fonts to be directly used from desktop by simply downloading and installing them. Now, for using Google fonts in WebPages, all you need to do is have a Google account. Google comes with a lot of fonts and download some of your desired fonts which are available under Open Font license. Downloading is easy and quick.  Next, to install Google fonts in windows PC, have a look through the following steps:

How to Install Google Fonts in Windows PC

  1. First visit the Google web page google.com/fonts. There you can see various fonts mentioned with a sample of each of them. Below each font you can see four options available such as see all styles, quick-use, pop out and add to collection.
    • See all styles: It shows all related types of fonts to the selected font.
    • Quick-use: This allows you to apply all styles to the selected font quickly.
    • Pop out: It opens a popup showing all the details of the selected font.
    • Add to Collection: this button is there to download the font.

    To get easy access to Google fonts you may visit http://www.google.com/fonts/earlyaccess
    There download all the Google fonts you desire to use. Among the downloaded items, select one item and double click on the font file and view its outlook. Following, you will get an install option. Click it. Aliternately, another way is to simply right click on the font and click on the install option.

  2. If you are windows vista user, Google fonts in windows PC can be installed directly through Fonts Control Panel, and if unavailable, Font Preview Window. If you are windows XP user, you only have to install through Fonts Control Panel.
  3. For both the type of users, the nest options are similar. Following the previous step, click on the start menu and go to the control panel option.
  4. The window opens and from there choose the Appearance and Themes option.
  5. After the options get displayed, choose a desired font from the left side option labeled as “See Also”.

Rather than installing Google fonts in windows PC through Fonts Control Panel, the above steps are much easy. After this, get your desired Google fonts installed and use them in WebPages to experience the features.

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