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How to remove Google Blogger's Top Navigation Bar

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All bloggers who use google blogspot web blogs are very well knows about top navigation bar in their blog.The Blogger NavBar contains Search Blog textbox, Flag Blog to notify Blogger about objectionable contents on the blog, Next Blog link to visit another blog randomly, plus links to create a blog or sign in to Blogger.Sometimes it gives very ugly impression with your blog’s theme.If you are a new blogger and don’t want to use top navigational bar in blogger.Then in this post we will tell you step by step “how to remove Blogger’s top Nav Bar ?”

1.Sign in to Blogger.
2.On the Blogger Dashboard, click on the Design link of the blog that you want to disable its NavBar. You can also click Customize on NavBar while visiting your blog.

3.Under the Design tab, click on Edit HTML tab to view the template’s HTML code.

4.Search for the following line of code:


Before the line, add in the following line of code(as shown in figure below):

#navbar { display: none; }


#navbar-iframe { display: none ; }

5.Click on SAVE TEMPLATE to make the change effective.

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