How to Resize Mutiple Images in Adobe Photoshop CS5

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Adobe Photoshop is most used image editing software with great features and easy to use functions. Digital Camera captures high-resolution images but these images bulky in size for normal use like email sending, social media sharing(Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.) or want to post images in forums, then you need low resolution images so that you can easily upload them whenever you want with high-speed. It will also easy to download them if you want to share images with somebody.

You can easily resize images to lower resolution with Adobe Photoshop without loose of much quality. But if you have multiple images and you want to resize them then if you do this one by one then it is very time consuming process, But if you want to Resize Mutiple Images in Adobe Photoshop CS5 quickly with few steps then follow below step by step tutorial.

How to Resize Mutiple Images in Adobe Photoshop CS5

  1. Just open Adobe Photoshop CS5
  2. Now click on File located top right side of Adobe Photoshop Screen
  3. Then click on Scripts > Image Processor
  4. Now select the folder of your images by clicking Select Folder in the Image Processor window
  5. Then choose resized images location by Selecting your desired folder or You can save in the current folder. In case of saving in the current folder, it will create a JPEG folder inside and put the resized images there.
  6. Now Check the Resize to Fit box and fill your new image dimensions.
  7. Then Select quality of your images (It can vary your image size)
  8. Now Click on Run Button and Photoshop will start processing all of your images in your selected folder
  9. Just Wait for the process completion, Now close Photoshop

So Now you can resize many images simultaneously and quickly with the above mentioned process. If you still have any query regarding this process, please share in our comment section.

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