How to Schedule Future Status Updates in Facebook

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People are very busy these days. They hardly have time for themselves even. Managing life in this 21st century is difficult. Everything has to be very systematic. Life has to be planned very well in order to have a healthy living. People are managing many social networking sites at the same time. They need to manage them all. In this hectic schedule also they need to remain active on the social networking sites. But sometimes it becomes very difficult for them to open up these sites on a regular basis. They may have many important works. In that case, it becomes difficult for them to remain active on social networking sites like Facebook. Just a status update can serve the cause, but they hardly have time for that also. In that case, Schedule Future Status Updates in Facebook is the solution. This system is really helpful in these kinds of people. They can type a status update from beforehand.

How to Schedule Future Status Updates in Facebook

Staying active on Facebook is important:
They can set the time for the post to be posted on their Facebook wall. So they can remain active on Facebook without coming online on Facebook. This software works as a robot. Though the person does not come online, the software posts a status on behalf of him. Later Bro is such software. This software is helpful in Schedule Future Status Updates in Facebook. This software has a demerit. Facebook allows a person with 420 characters while updating a status. But this software allows only 140 characters to be updated. This is really bad and comes under the drawback of the software.

Procedures for doing it:
Had this feature been fixed, this software would have been perfect. This software allows status to be updated at an interval of 15 mins. It also allows updating status on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis. All the scheduled post is visible on a profile. If a condition arises, these posts can be deleted beforehand. The scheduled Facebook update is really helpful in many important situations. There may be some situation when updating something is really important at a particular time. But it may happen that a person will be busy at that particular time. How will he or she update the status at that time?
He or she cannot tell anyone else to do that. There comes the question of privacy then. Hence this software comes into effect. It will be used then to set the status for being updated at the descriptive time. Later Bro is the solution to Schedule Future Status Updates in Facebook.

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