How to Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

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As we already told you that few days ago Microsoft has launched its popular internet browser Internet explorer’s updated beta version Internet Explorer 9.and you can download it from microsoft official website.This looks similar to Google Chrome.But it has only in beta stage so sometimes you face performance issues, although you can increase internet explorer’s performence by disabling hardware GPU accelration, but other features which are in development stage may create error or performence issues in your web surfing.And you want to again use stable version Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8),than you have to uninstall IE9,Here are the simple steps to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) from Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

(1) Click on Start button(Windows Orb).

(2) Open Add or Remove programs window.

(3) To open it, type Add or Remove programs in Start menu search area and then hit enter.

(4) In the left pane, click View installed updates option to see list of installed updates.

(5) Here find Windows Internet Explorer 9 in list of updates,and select it.

(6) Then click on uninstall option.Your Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9 will be uninstalled and will be replaced by previouslly installed Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer version.

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