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How to use Google Desktop to Quick and Easy Search your Computer Files

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It’s now easier than ever to find lost and forgotten files on your computer with Google Desktop‘s advanced search capabilities .Google using same technology in its Google Desktop Search which it is already using in its web search engine , so now Google Desktop search is highly capable of undertaking an efficient search of your own computer and bringing up relevant results.These simple, easy to understand directions help you maximize the power of Google Desktop.
After completing installation steps of Google Desktop, It becomes very easy searching your personal laptop and computer for lost or misplaced files.
You can easily access Google Desktop Search on your computer by any of below methods.
1. You can press CTRL twice to show or hide the Quick search box.
2. Alternatively Click on the Google Desktop icon on your desktop brings up the Quick search box.
3. You can search in the deskbar or floating deskbar.
4. If you installed the sidebar, you can search in the tiny Quick search box pre-installed in the sidebar.
5. On the Google homepage, click on Desktop above the search box.
When you run Google Desktop first time on your computer, it will start to index all the files, folders and data residing on your computer.The indexing processs may take a couple of hours as Google Desktop undertakes indexing of your files only when the computer has been idle for 30 seconds or more, to increase efficiency of the computer.After completing the first indexing of data,it many times index your computer for latest changes in data to be search.

For any specified search term(i.e. file name, folder, content of a file, instant chat messages, web pages,etc), you will see a drop-down menu with options, “Search Web” or “Search Desktop”. Be sure to select Search Desktop,then Google Desktop will show the following results:
• Files with the search term in their names
• Files with the search term in the content
• Audio, video files with the search term in file name
• Web pages with the search term either in the title or web content
• Chat messages with the search term, etc.
The searched results are sorted by most recently viewed and will be displayed in your browser like Google web search results. The results are sorted by most recently viewed. You can select Sort by Relevance, if you prefer. On the top of the webpage, the type of results found will be displayed like Files, web history, emails, chats and other. Click on the term you are interested.
You can protect your private data by removing files and other information from being indexed. For privacy of your data go to the Quick Search box,then click Options, then click More Options. Google Desktop Preferences will open up in a new browser. Click Desktop Search tab. Here you can select or deselect the type of terms to be indexed. You can also remove an entire drive or folder from being indexed.
If you want that in your absence no one can search your data through Google Desktop Search then you can also lock the Google Desktop Search by right-clicking the Google Desktop icon in your taskbar and select Lock Search. Only you will be able to unlock the search after entering a password.
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