How to write a Google Blog in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu Languages

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Are you new to blogging?Do you want to write a blog in local languages( Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu etc.) You are on write place,You can do this without installing any software or with tweaking your windows language setting.

Suppose I want to write in hindi “हिंदी में गूगल ब्लॉग कैसे लिखे – इसके लिए पढ़िए नीचे लिखी प्रक्रिया”

I will describe here a step by step method with the help of pictures, images.
(1) First create a blog in Google Blogger.If you don’t know how to write a google blog just click here to know How to write a blog in blogger.

(2) After that ,Log in to Blogger. Go to www.blogger.com and log in using your Google account ID(mostly same as your Gmail ID).

(3) Just click on setting tab.
(4) A window containg different setting for your blog will appear,Click on Basic tab,And then scroll down and see the last option tab “Enable transliteration?” if it is disabled then just enable it.
(5) Now after enabling it,you will find language options for Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu etc.Select your appropriate option and then save setting by clicking on tab.
(6) Now just see language options left side on tool box.Select you language and start writing your post in your favorite language.

(7) Write any word or sentence in English words.For example if you want to write a sentence in hindi “आपके विचार आपकी भाषा में ” then first click language option and then write english of hindi sentence as “aapke vichaar aapki bhaasha mein.”

(8) You can write a post title here in post box also and then cut/copy it,paste it to the title bar.

(7) So now you have write your title and post in your preferred language.

(8) Now publish it and enjoy it to see your blog in hindi.

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