Modify Windows Installation Using Nlite Or Vlite

Modify Windows Installation

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Have you ever thought to Modify Windows Installation? When you install Windows in your computer, you may spend more than 3-4 hours including drivers and software installation every time. And your important time wasted in this work. But if all your drivers, software, operating system, hot fixes, window installation key install automatically. You can Modify Windows Installation Using Nlite Or Vlite. By this method you can create unattended Windows Installation.

Modify Windows Installation

How to Modify Windows Installation Using Nlite Or Vlite

For that you should use the following method to Modify Windows Installation
1. First download vlite for Windows Vista/Windows 7(from www.vlite.net/download.html ) or nlite for Window XP(from http://www.nliteos.com/download.html)
2. After downloading, install nlite(for Windows xp) or vlite(for Windows Vista) in your computer.
3. Please check minimum system requirement here before installation.—

  • You must be running any 32 or 64 bit version of Windows. Windows 9x not supported.
  • nLite needs .NET Framework 2.0 to be installed. If it is not installed, then you will be asked to install .NET Framework 2.0 in installer startup
  • Alternatively you can download nuhi’s Alternative Runtimes for nLite. These can be found on the Download page, however few people reported issues with it so if you get error popup on nLite startup then use full framework.
  • You also need to have your Windows installation CD for the original Windows installation files.

4. after that install nlite or vlite(as your windows support)
5. after installation start the program,we take nlite(Window XP installation) method here for reference,vlite is quite similar to nlite.
6. Create a folder on your hard drive to copy the windows source files into, I called mine ‘XP_Installsource’ ,Copy the full content from the distribution cd into this folder ,and then Start nLite

7. To continue click on ‘Next’.
8. insert the information for windows installation source files

9. You can save your current presets for future use or load presets from the last time you used nLite

10. At this screen we have the options to choose what we would like nLite to do.

11. Integrate here any new Service pack, hotfixes,drivers in program.

12. now attach softwares(you can attach software after making installation file by nlite addon maker,you can find it on google)
13. When you click on the ‘Next’ button you will arrive at the Unattended Setup portion

14. Here you can add window CD serial key,additional tweaks,networking information or timezone setting.

15. Now after finishing these step your, click on Make ISO button and your iso is ready to burn or save on hard drive.

15. You can test this on iso for install window VMware or Microsoft virtual PC or use directly to install on a machine.
If you have any issues, in Modify Windows Installation Using Nlite Or Vlite, please share in comment section.

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