How to Speed Up Old Computer

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An old computer does not need to be kept away to gather dust when it still can be used to its full potential. Without going for a brand new computer, the old PC can be revived and utilized till its maximum capabilities. So in this article we are going to tell you How to Speed Up Old Computer or How to Optimize old Computer to Perform Fast.
Why is the PC running slowly?
There are many reasons to why a computer is running slower than it previously used to. There might be the need to optimize disk space and performance or there might be unneeded applications running in the background consuming system memory. Rather than upgrading to a new PC, trying a few simple tricks on the old PC can work wonders. Here we mention a few of them.

Rebooting often
This is a very effective way to speed an old PC. When a user opens and closes a program on the PC, sometimes a bit of system memory remains occupied by program data. As a result the memory starts being occupied, which slows the PC. To correct this, it is best advised that the user restarts the PC regularly.
Cleaning up disk space
A computer gets slower with time as the hard disk space starts getting occupied more and more. Data which is not useful to the user can be removed to free up disk space. Programs which the user no longer uses can be uninstalled to free up disk space further. There are many disk cleaning utilities designed for this purpose. After the disk space is freed up, a defragmenting tool should be used regularly to optimize disk performance.

Disabling auto-starting applications
There are many applications, which start when the operating system is started. These occupy a part of the system memory as well as reserve system resources.  This is more acute in old computers which have low installed RAM. Disabling this will lead to an increase in system performance and cause the system to respond faster.
Removing spyware and other forms of malware
Spyware and virus in the operating system can cause a decrease in system performance. It can cause the system to run slow and can cause everyday tasks to run slower. Installing an antivirus utility and removing these malware will definitely speed up a PC.
One need not invest a lot of money for a brand new computer when he already has an old PC. Following a few simple and easy steps, one can always speed up a PC.

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