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Problems Caused by Credit Card Hacks

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A credit card hack is a particular type of fraud in credit cards where rather than robbing the credit card a hacker snatches its number via a computer. While people usually find out right away when a card theft happens, it takes a lot more time in the case of credit card hacks to realize that there is a problem. These hacks not only cause issues for the holder, but also for the credit card firms and retailers.

How the Credit Card Hacker Attacks ?

There are a lot of ways that a hacker can use to gain the credit card’s number from a naive user, and phishing is one of the most common one. The hacker actually masquerades as an officer working in a credit card firm and sends an alert to a set of email ids, informing the recipient to follow a set of directives before the credit card gets cancelled. A naive user will just give away the number of the credit card, credit cards pin, along with expiration date and his name. Another method used for credit card hack is via a site. The one who hacks simply has to enter an online retailer’s system, and locate the database that contains info on all the people who have carried out transactions of late. Yet another way is the online procedure of shopping. Let us consider a person who comes across a site offering a particular service of interest. There is a fair chance that this site is just a deception for getting credit card info from that person.

The Menace of Credit Card Hackers

Despite many recent breaches in security that have exposed lots of credit cardholders to possible identity theft, password hacking and scam, online shopping goes on pretty well, especially during holiday seasons. Experts are now warning that the small and commercial sites are some of the most dangerous places when it comes to vulnerability of getting hacked. Sometimes, hackers get into a position where they can get instantaneous right of entry to transaction info on such small sites. This allows them to acquire important credit card info in an instant.
Identity thieves, who are usually experts in using hacker software, make the most of outdated website security. Hardly any small sites are accommodating with merchant standards. So it is advisable that consumers to stay away from very small sites — it’s better to be safe than sorry. It is safer to stick to the well established ones like Amazon and other trusted names. You can also download a service such as Site Advisor to keep track of wicked sites that steal credit card information.

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  • With the recent addition of another password/pin for making the online credit card transaction, there has been quite a reduction in such frauds. It is now almost impossible to misuse and do a fraud even if you get to know all the card details - viz, number, expiry, CVV code etc.

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