Read and write PDF files with free offline tool

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Everybody needs PDF files documents for daily routine computer work.Either these are scanned documents, office documents or any other image, text or spreadsheet documents. You can easily split or merge PDF files by reading our earlier article. You can read PDF documents by various tools (i.e. Adobe Reader,Foxit PDF Reader or Nuance PDF Reader etc.), and there are some software available in market for creating PDF files also like Adobe Acrobat, Bullzip and doPDF.But if you install two different softwares for PDF reading and PDF creation, your computer memory consumes more space.and if you want both PDF reader and PDF creation features in one software than you have to spend some money to purchase software.But in this article we are going to tell about a software tool which reads and writes PDF and this is free also.


Nitro Reader gives you both PDF read and write features without any cost.This PDF Reader can also used for creating PDFs from Office documents, web pages and virtually any other Windows application that has the print button.
For converting batch of files into PDFs, just drag them all to the Nitro Reader icon on your desktop and all files will be converted into PDFs instantly.Nitro Reader also has some other useful features as well.You can import an image of your signature into Nitro and turn it into a stamp. When you want to sign a PDF file, simply add that stamp using Nitro Reader itself.
You can also extract and export images from PDF files into individual files with useful “Extract Images” feature.Nitro PDF Reader is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (x86 and x64 editions). 
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