How to Replace Stock Tiles in Windows 8 with Custom Designs

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Did you ever want to replace stock tiles in Windows 8? Do you wish to grab an insight to the advantages you can avail from it? Well, give a quick read in order to know better about the methods which you should incorporate in or meet your requirement.

How to Replace Stock Tiles in Windows 8 with Custom Designs

Techniques of Customizing Live Tiles
To have the benefit of dynamic tiles on your Start Screen, you will need to design new apps especially for Microsoft Windows 8. Take a look at your Start Screen and you will notice that, the tiles are going on updating for stock market, local weather report, news, Bing and various other updates.  The dynamic tiles slowly become rich in its performance with the development of Windows 8. It can be managed with a simple right click after it matures and becomes more feature-rich.
Shift to the set of choices
Now, in order to replace stock tiles on Windows 8 move your mouse over any of the tiles and right click on it to display the set of choices. The options of the tile will display according to the application characterized by it. Right click on any of the visible tiles, for example Internet Explorer. It will display the options of pin or unpin from the Start Screen and Taskbar, an option to open it in a new window, uninstalling option, running it as an administrator, and an option of opening the location of that file on the bottom of the Start Screen.
In-case of native windows 8 applications for example, news, messaging or weather forecasting, the options displays is: Pin or Un-pin the app, re-sizing it to smaller or larger and uninstalling that particular app. So the shape or size of designed application can be customized in square or a rectangular form. However, the choice of customising it is personally yours.
Right click on live tiles like, People or Bing will display the same options with an added “turn off” option for turning off the live update features of the clicked application.
Now, operating live tiles on Windows Start Screen is a prosaic thing to deal about. Managing, developing and customising the live tiles on your Windows 8 Start Screen is, an essential and formal maintenance task. And, with the guidelines the task to replace stock tiles on windows 8 is all the more, easier. Thus, simply follow it, in order to avail its benefits.

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