Reset Computer Back to Clean State Each Time It Boots

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When people are trying to manage a public computer, they need a special tool to manage such situations. The computer needs to a way to reset it to a clean state for each and every time it boots up. Windows itself offered such software tools, but only in XP and Vista and seems not to have any such software in Windows7 or Windows8.

How to Easily Reset Computer Back to Clean State Each Time It Boots

Though people have found alternatives and the best software for handling such booting cases is Reboot Restore RX. This software runs easily on Windows7 and Windows8 platforms. Reboot Restore RX can be used to Easily Reset Computer Back to Clean State. This software can hence be downloaded as a trial version from the link provided below.
People before installing the above mentioned software must ensure that the computer system is clean. After the installation of the software, it should be updated and arranged properly. While installing the software the partitions should be chosen accordingly in order to avail the software to restore at reboot. Such process allows for a separate partitioned drive which is not touched. If needed, one can set reboot restore RX to restore all the partitions of the computer and Easily Rest Computer Back to Clean State.
Reboot Restore RX is simple and easy to use, but is only disadvantage is that it can be disabled without a password. The software launches it on the system tray every time the computer boots up and it is provided with a right click pop-up menu which allows for password free disabling of the function.
After all the necessary adjustments are made, on rebooting, the Reboot Restore Rx screen shows up on the main screen every time the computer starts up. To get access to the special menu one can repeatedly press the home key on the keyboard which comes up with several options like uninstall, restore etcetera.
This software is most suitable for people who always want their computer to be in its initial stage every time they boot it up and does not want to purchase the current version of windows. They can even go through a separate and complicated setup process irrespective of the fact of the computer being used for official purposes of for a person’s personal use. This software is useful for those parents who want to lock down the access to the computer system and prevent their children from mishandling it.
The Reboot Restore RX software is not the safest option but it is definitely a simple option that cans Easily Reset Computer Back to Clean State.

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