How to Setup and Use Google Chromecast with iPhone, iPad or Mac?

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An amazing application Google Chromecast launched for users to have an excitement of enjoying, watching and doing anything on HD TV from web without using remotes with Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet. This application on TV can cast the Google play music/movies, YouTube favorites and other more with just through button press.

How to Setup and Use Google Chromecast with iPhone, iPad or Mac?

The important fact is that it works on WI-FI connected network. So to use the application it should be first setup with WI-FI network to get work on. This setting can manage WI-FI password also the device name can be changed. To setup Chromecast with iPhone and iPad the following procedure to be followed;
Setup Chromecast with iPhone/iPad:

  • Connect iPhone/iPad to WI-FI network
  • Get application of Chromecast
  • Inaugurate Chromecast application for Android version

The application will immediately start searching in wide range for Chromecast device at once, when it gets instituted. Deliver all the step by step procedure on screen to complete and get done Chromecast setup by selecting particular device from Chromecast app list mentioned on screen Chromecast device. After successful setup of application is done, screen will show Ready to cast which means setup completion is done and ready to work on.
Setup Chromecast with Mac:

  • The modem or router of PC should be connected wired or wireless either ways
  • Do installation of Google Chromecast
  • Next get Chromecast application download
  • Finally, run the application

Once it is downloaded save or run the file for installation process to start. Same way as mentioned above the application will start searching for Chromecast device in same network. On PC screen Ready to setup Chromecast**** device name will be seen. Just in installer click on continue button. If the code matches with yours, which is shown in both App Window and on TV screen click on that’s my code and also provide with all information asked about wireless network where Chromecast will be going to be used. Again same ready to cast will be seen on screen after successful setup done.
Without any extra setup its easy to go with Google Chromecast, just by enabling WI-FI connected at home network , is a digital media player where users can enable web/ mobile application to display content by web browser. It is also used for Netflix, Hulu plus, HBO Go, Pandora radio, Real player cloud and many more. The Chromecast automatically download OS updates without any notifications.

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