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Share Files in Adobe Creative Cloud with Clients or Colleagues

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Are you enthusiastic about sharing your files in the Adobe creative Cloud? Do you wish to share these files with your friends and your colleagues for review? Well, you can definitely do so, by simply following some lucrative guidelines. The following guidelines will holistically assist you to share files in adobe Creative Cloud. Read through, to have a sound idea about the procedure.

How to Share Files in Adobe Creative Cloud with Clients or Colleagues for Review?

Sync your files with Creative Cloud
In order to share your files in Adobe Creative Cloud, you have to begin by installing it and then by simply opening the “Adobe Creative clouds Folder”. You will find this option on the top right zone of your desktop. Click the folder and open it, accordingly. After this, drag your chosen files to the folder by selecting the files and then dragging it like you do in other similar cases.
Click on each of the files until you see a green check-mark on them. This green check mark indicates that your files have been synced with the Creative Cloud Folder. You can store files having a size up to 20GB on your Creative Cloud Folder. Moreover, these files can also be easily retrieved, even if you are not connected to the internet or if your computer ‘hangs’ for an undefined period of time.
Log on to the Adobe Website
After following the mentioned procedure, log on to the Adobe account by searching creative.adobe.com on Google. Follow this, by entering your Adobe user-id and password. Here, you can easily access your apps by clicking the option for “files”. In doing so, you will soon find the files which you had initially dragged into the folder.
Now, click on the desired file which you wish to send to your friends and acquaintances. On opening that file, you will find a share option on the top right corner. Select this option and then, select the “public” option on it, accordingly. On choosing the public option, you can easily enter the email addresses of the friends and colleagues with whom you wish to share files in the Adobe Creative Cloud.
Follow these techniques thoroughly, in order to get procure the best and the most lucrative advantages of using your Adobe Creative Cloud. By following the mentioned guidelines, you can easily select and send your essential files to colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Thus, ensure each and every guideline and tip as mentioned in the previous text, in order to share files in adobe Creative Cloud, easily.

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