How to Speed Up Internet in Windows 8

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Internet connection one of the technologies greatest achievement in electronic technology lets huge amount of data almost Gigabytes to access at a time. Most of the Internet Users have complaints all the time about its slow speed connection. Windows 8 using Users have issues regarding slow speed internet most times, but there is possibility to Speed up Internet and help Windows 8 Users to fix the problem of the slow net connection.

How to Speed Up Internet in Windows 8

However, most of systems may not be user friendly and users may be uncomfortable with OS. Other reasons may do exist where slowdown of Internet occurs. There are some solutions through which in Windows 8, Internet speed can be increased such as follows:
DNS spoofing: DNS cache which are infected due to invalid or corrupt records stored called DNS spoofing is one of the reason which often result HTTP message errors or problems in opening sites. To pick up net speed, removal of corrupt or invalid DNS entries and cleaning DNS cache is one solution to this situation.
Network Bandwidth: Sometimes application process through internet usage intensity may not be guessed; in such case monitoring of network bandwidth is essential. This is done by usage monitor through Task manager process.
Clearing Web browser: The Web browsers are always filled with temporary data in order to maintain searching of information session. Every time clear of Cache, Cookies and History of data from Web browser will increase net speed limit.
Internet usage: Sometimes computer gets connected to internet itself as such that, some of the program files and applications are lively installed in it and so it get  linked up to open network. To Speed up Internet in Windows 8, checking and closing of significant task those are not being performed can also impact speed in internet.
Upgrade modem/router: In some extent, Internet speed also depends on router or modem and upgrading to new version will definitely faster the net speed. Another ways is to disconnect multiple devices attached to internet router from PC when they are not being used.
Nevertheless, using good quality wired or Ethernet connection rather than wireless will be much useful as it can avoid weak signals and broken coverage possibilities and Speed up Internet so as the users can get rid of slow and boredom net. Disabling Nagle algorithm which is already by default activated feature in system can also pick up speed and overall these all tips can obtain to maximize more utility of net in faster speed limit.

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