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How to Speed-up Your Internet Connection

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How to Speed-up Your Internet Connection

It’s a terrible situation for someone to fall into the trap of a slow internet connection. In such conditions, everything will just become totally frustrating. We all know that the productivity level of someone using a slow computer will also be slow. If you are a blogger and are using a slow computer, if your general output is rated to be 100%, that means you should be bringing out 180 to 200% when using a normal and fast internet connection.

The best thing to do to overcome low productivity is to learn how to speed-up your internet connection. This is possible because your internet connection should not be made to perform slowly. In case you are here because your internet service provider has refused to give you the normal portion of internet connection a fast internet user deserves, I think you should upgrade your data bundle or try out another internet service provider. Below are my tips to speed-up your internet connection.
Defrag Your Computer Regularly
One of the major factors that can make your internet connection become slow is using the internet on a slow computer. Thank God, your computer is not made slow and so you can tweak it to perform as normal.
There is a process called hard disk fragmentation and this normally occurs on a computer’s hard disk and the end result is that your computer will become slow in performance. To make your computer fast again, you have to defragment it. Defragmentation should take place regularly on your computer’s hard disk because fragmentation occurs whenever files and programs are replaced.
Never try to defragment your computer’s hard disk when running on battery!
Remove Viruses from Your Computer
Viruses are other agents that can slow down the performance of your internet connection. The most known way viruses interfere in the speed of your internet connection is when they transfer some of your files to the internet! Yes, you just read the right words – your files!’
Viruses can transfer your files to their programmers, mostly are your browsing history, details and logon preferences. This normally results in peoples’ email accounts being hacked. So be careful and avoid letting viruses come into your computer as they can cause your internet connection to perform slowly.
Stop Background Programs from using the Internet
When background programs use the internet, your internet connection will also become slower than usual. Programs usually update using your internet connection without your notice and thus cause your internet connection and browsing experience to become appalling.
You can stop programs from running on background by initiating windows task manager and then stopping any program that is not initiated by you, the user. But be careful not to stop important programs from running.
Uninstall Unwanted/Unused Programs
Unwanted or unused programs staying for too long on your computer can also cause your internet connection to perform slowly. These programs that are no longer in use will sometimes run into dormant mode and use up more space on your computer’s hard disk which will result in slow computer performance.
In my internet browsing experience, I’ve downloaded programs for the sake of my weight watchers discount and bistro md coupon blog and later dumped them on my computer’s hard disk. This resulted in causing my internet connection to perform slowly and I had to remove them later.

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