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The best online OCR or offline OCR application tools to convert image document to text, Word, HTML or PDF document

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Sometimes you have some scanned material in image format and you need text of that document for some else work or you want to edit that text.If you need ocr software that can read handwritten text then read our earlier article. Then question arise in your mind is “ How to convert image document to text, Word, HTML or PDF document ?”

There are several OCR tools available in market to convert image document to text, Word, HTML or PDF document. The main features that differentiate OCR application tools are Character recognition accuracy, Page layout reconstruction accuracy, Multi-engine voting technology, Support for languages, Support for searchable PDF output, Speed, User interface etc.
There can be infinite combinations of document types, OCR engines and settings, it may be possible that one engine may perform better with your particular documents than another.There are both online and offline tools available for this conversion.

Best Online OCR Web Based Tool
Tool Name
Abbyy FineReader is a web-based one of best Online OCR service that can convert PDF files and images into popular office file formats. It has very good character recognition accuracy.This tools can also covert multilingual scanned documents that have text written multiple languages.You can use free or paid FineReader account for different purpose
This service is free and no need to register, as the name suggest. This service can help you to convert image or a scanned PDF file to plain text from an image or a scanned PDF file and you can convert up to 10 image uploads per hour.
Online OCR can handle all common images formats including scanned PDFs. Online OCR also supports zip format for multiple file upload and conversion in one go.The character recognition accuracy is quite.With Free account on Online OCR you can convert
around 5-6 images to text.For more than this limit you have to use paid account.
First select the option that says “Convert text from PDF or image file to Google Docs documents” and then upload an image or scanned PDF file to Google Docs, Google Docs will automatically perform OCR on the file before saving it to your account and you find document in text format.
OCR Terminal supports images, scanned PDFs and software screenshots to covert in text or word format. OCR Terminal is powered by Abbyy’s OCR engine. You can use free or paid FineReader account for different purpose.
OCR Online doesn’t require any registration and you can translate up to 100 images to text in a single day. It also supports a large number of languages. OCR Online offers good recognition accuracy and preserves most of the original formatting and You can upload a large number of files in one batch and it will output the results as one document.
Window based best OCR Software Tool
Tool Name
OmniFormat supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR). In order to convert image formats to text, the free OmniFormat Optical Character Recognition module must be downloaded from OmniFormat and installed. The OCR Module will process all import formats handled by OmniFormat. It can also extract text from PDF files and be run from the command line.
Calf image to text converter software uses ORC to convert scan images to text, picture to text. And support batch image converter to : bmp, jpg, jpeg,
tiff, mdi, gif, wmf, text, tga, png, ico …to other graphics or text. In addition, Calf Image
to Text Converter will offer you the possibility to process several files at the same time Salvage your keyin time
OCR Image to Ascii Utility lets you convert your scanned images to text files or word documents. OCRTools also offers a Royalty-Free developer toolkit that you may use to add OCR to your custom software applications. OCRTools features the ability to analyze an entire file, or manually specify text and image zones within a file output results to plain text or RTF (MS Word) formats and more.Developers can use the OCRTools API to add OCR capabilities to their custom software. If your application uses document images, the OCRTools Component is royalty-free, so there are no additional costs for distribution
or runtime licenses.
[*] One obvious downside will all the above mentioned OCR software i
s that they work only with printed text, they cannot recognize characters from hand-written text.For best ocr software that can read handwritten text then read our earlier article.
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