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Top Tips to Keep an Eye on Your Brand Effectiveness

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Social media like Facebook and Twitter are mostly used by marketers to promote their products. The main reason being, the advertisement reaches millions of people around the world without much difficulty. When millions of brands are marketed on the social media sites, how do you make your brand unique? How do you make it go viral? Many of you would have thought of millions of solutions that would never have made it to the market. Many think that it is only the numbers that matter, but producing a fan circle to your account is the most important factor. Few simple measures that are discussed below will make your brand go viral.

  • Engage with Fans

The traditional way of marketing has long been replaced with new methods. The modern day marketing is more about building relationships and serving people who contribute to your passion. Hence social media is the best platform to showcase your active response to millions who promote your brand. The two way communication in social media sites is a boon to your business. Create original campaigns which will motivate people to follow your brand. For example: Orange started a summer campaign asking people to tweet their plans for summer. The plans were recorded and posted on its blog. This drove a considerable amount of traffic to its site. Orange was smart indeed.

  • Add Value to Conversations

Create contents that interest people so that they pass it on to others. There is no denial that content is the key, but the added value will strengthen the brand. Healthy Choice was great at this. A 75 cent coupon was posted on Facebook which was promised increase in value if the followers increased in number. Healthy Choice experienced a tremendous improvement within a few weeks. Almost 60% of the new fans subscribed to the company’s Newsletter. Healthy Choice made a healthy move. What about you?

  • Practice 20-to-1 rule

Social media is all about sharing and cooperation. It is very important to pass on your knowledge to others and get from them. Questions can be raised in order to have a healthy conversation with the fans. Many do not understand that on a social platform it is important to give and then take. The 20-to-1 rule is simple; for each marketing post 20 related posts need to be created and posted.

  • Monitor Feedback

In order for the business to flourish and for your brand to go viral, keeping a close watch on the feedback is crucial.  Feedback is the best method to correct any problem that arises. If one customer has a bad experience, the situation will go from bad to worse if he has numerous followers. Therefore, monitor what people have to say about your product and provide them with immediate remedies. This portrays that you are responsive and attentive to your customers. Consumer is the King, who is capable of ushering you from rags to riches or vice versa.

  • Engage through Blogs

Creating a website and just waiting for followers is not a wise idea. An attractive website with flashy graphics and beautiful pictures is not going to bring in the desired traffic. Create a compelling site that grabs the attention of people and induce them to visit again. Raise a question at the end of a blog or post. This will help customers to share their views and ideas. Customers love when they receive a reply for their comment.
Now that you have the solutions, start observing your social sites and make your brand go viral.
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