Whats New in Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe creative cloud helps a user to nearly accomplish every possible task. If you get a membership then you will be able to get access to many applications of the cloud and will receive updates as soon as they are released. Here in this article I am going to discuss about new things like improved interface and performance.

Whats New in Adobe Creative Cloud

About Adobe Creative Cloud
A unique bundle is being created by the Adobe known as the Creative Cloud which is far better and advanced than the Adobe Creative Suite. Here 20GB of online space is available for the user to use and also the user can share files. Any new version released by the Adobe, the subscribers to the Adobe Creative Cloud can use them immediately.
Improved Performance
Adobe has generally focused on the Creative Cloud for its optimization so that it can utilize the most of the hardware components and perform its best. The Mercury Technology of Adobe is one of the new improved which is used in many components in the cloud. The Mercury Graphic Engine featured by Adobe helps Photoshop user with certain tools like the Liquify and Puppet Warp to perform its work smoothly for a better workflow in your Adobe Creative Cloud. Illustrator in Adobe Cloud’s Mercury Performance makes good use of the 64 bit operating system by utilizing the maximum amount of RAM present in the system so that it can easily open huge files.
Some of the specific improvements in the performance is also added to certain applications like the After Effects in Adobe Creative Cloud which performs much better than before because of the new enhancements. Multiple threads are now used for transferring huge files through FTP in the Adobe DreamWeaver which makes it faster. Adobe’s audio editing has also become fast and cool as it has been more precise than its predecessor.
Improved Interface
Adobe has really not improved its interface since its creation of CS3 but certain improvements are made in the Creative cloud to make it look better and also to attract more users. The dark color interface is in trends nowadays for the developers of the software of Creative Cloud and they are putting it to maximize utilization. Professionals are allowed to concentrate more on material contents in the Creative Cloud with the help of dark interfaces.
Available at Discounted Price
Adobe attracts a lot of people by providing a clean cut off of 40 percent in the actual cost of Creative Cloud. This is applicable to those who are using an old version of Adobe and needs to be upgraded to Creative Cloud. This person needs to pay $30 approx per month. For those who wants to get Adobe creative cloud for the first time they have to pay $50 approx per month. This monthly scheme of Adobe is really attractive since a user gets to save a lot of money which would have cost over $2000 per annum and needed to be paid as a whole only once. By using this process adobe is not only becoming popular but also holding a strong position in the market.
Pros and Cons
The main problem which was faced when Adobe used its one time purchase model of Creative Cloud is that the updates were not properly available which on a monthly scheme works very well. By doing this you will get all the new features by paying a low monthly charge. Another important fact is that you might not like to use adobe for a whole year and for this reason you can get it disconnected by not paying the monthly rentals. By doing this you need not have to pay the whole year cost of the product and stay on the safe side. Also the new Adobe Creative cloud has a prescribed free level of its usage for 30 days for those who are interested in trying this app out before buying.
This is all that’s new in the Adobe Creative Cloud. One thing is sure that it is better than the Adobe Suite as it provides an additional online space where a user can transfer files and do much more. For more updates and news related to this topic stay connected.

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