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How to Disable Office 2013 Start Screen

On opening a new Microsoft Office 2013 program, we have all been welcomed by a start screen, portraying every possible action that is available. This is placed on the left side of the screen and is rather annoying to look at. You can Disable Office 2013 Start Screen effective by following a few simple steps.

Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen Without Any Tool

Windows 8 is attractive and has excellent new features as you all know! Yet, there are some users who face few difficulties with the Lock screen in Windows 8 and further ones. As they do not get any benefit from it, so it is a waste for them to keep it. You can now easily

5 Reasons to Use Third Party DNS Service

Even though your internet provider runs various DNS Servers, you do not need to use them. Various third party DNS servers can be used for additional benefits.Use Third Party DNS Service for making the best of every situation. The top 5 reasons why you should use separate DNS Servers are listed below. 5 Reasons to

10 Useful Windows Commands

Though computer is totally GUI or Graphic User Interface based now, still people ought not to reject few things of CUI or Command User Interface which makes work easier in some cases. From here we get the concept of Windows Commands which are basically few commands to be typed in DOS environment which makes few

Default Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1 instead of Start Screen

Microsoft has come up with a new version of Windows 8 namely 8.1. It is understood to be an upgrade to the earlier launched 8.0. Few of the mentioned bugs and other problems have been done away with in this new version. With this new version, one can default Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1.

How to Remove Folders From My Computer in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has modified itself a bit by bringing more common directories or folders in “This PC” window which to some extent looks odd. Thus many users wanted to delete these folders in Windows 8.1 and we are here to help you out to do so in simplest ways. The following procedure needs to be followed

How to Open Password Protected Excel Sheet

It is often seen that you might have done some important work in an Excel file and kept is aside by using a password. In due time, when it is required you have forgotten the password. Or in other case, a colleague of yours who is working with you have gone on a long vacation

How to Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013 for Command

People working in MS Office or to be precise in MS Word may assign many keyboard shortcuts as per their need. Those shortcuts may make their working faster. The MS Office 2013 has provided the options to configure the keyboard commands. Thus here it is discussed how to Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013  for Command.

10 Top Windows Apps and Widgets for Desktop

With advance in technology nowadays lots of Top Windows Apps and Widgets for Desktop users. These Top Windows Apps and Widgets help user to improve the performance of their machine and work faster. Before installing an app one must know what impact it will have in his or her desktop. Here we are going to discuss

Edit or Change Date of already Sent or Received Mail in Outlook 2010

In the present age, a major portion of the communication takes place through phone calls and emails. Especially, formal communication takes place between two companies, or between two people in the same company, through emails. Emails are also used by friends, colleagues and family to keep in touch. Those who frequently use email will notice