10 Top Chromebook Tricks

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Are you gaga over Chromebook? Do you wish to have a better grasp about the 10 most popular tricks which you can try with Chromebook? Well, you can always do so, as the guidelines here in the following text will provide you ample idea about the best and the most popularly followed Chromebook tricks in town. Simply give a quick read, for a better insight about the subject.

10 Top Chromebook Tricks

Edit Screenshots in a jiffy
Well, the first and probably the most viable and lucrative Chromebook trick is regarding editing screenshots. In your chrome OS simply press the cntrl button to take a screenshot. Follow it up, with a cntrl+m in order to open the file manager, locate your screenshot and edit your shot, accordingly.
Converting .png to .jpg made easy
You can easily convert your .png file to .jpg by opting for online conversion software called CoolUtils. This software is extremely lucrative and offers you the best of advantages.
Unlocking the hidden features of Chrome
Chrome comes to offer you a host of features, and, you can jolly well unlock these hidden features with some of the most lucrative tips in town. Simply open the browser and type in “chrome://flags” in order to catch a glimpse of these features.
Re-invent your touch screen
Well, with some of the most lucrative chrome features, you can effectively use your touch screen like a scroll button. Simply go to the wrench option and then select and enable “simple scrolling direction” accordingly.
ITunes and movie trailers on the go
Very often, many individuals have faced issues with viewing the ITunes movies trailers on Chromebook. Now, in order to do this, simply download a trailer on Chromebook, double click the file and view it in .mov format.
Caps lock button spotted
In order to enable caps lock button simply hit search while holding the caps lock key. This will effectively and aptly activate the secret caps lock button, accordingly.
Minimizing browser tabs
Well, this too is a pretty viable and lucrative job and doesn’t require quite a much of effort on your part. Simply drag your chosen tab across the browse in order to minimize it, accordingly.
External Monitor with Chromebook
Though Chromebook turns out to be a laptop, it can be jolly well used as a external monitor. The device is equipped with the DevicePort++ interface which works aptly like an external monitor. Simply buy a cable and use it, accordingly in order to nejoy this innovative feature of Chromebook.
Offline Google Docs accessed offline
Yes! You can jolly well view offline Google docs with Chromebook, which again is one of the most popular Chromebook tricks. In order to proceed with your preference, simply click the settings option and then, click the support for offline use option there, accordingly.
Check background updates regularly
Apart from the mentioned tips and guidelines you should also check the background updates regularly. Now, in order to get early and current updates of all the Chromebook features, you simply have to change your Chromebook channel accordingly, which again is an extremely viable and easy task.
Thus, to sum up everything, the entire procedure of learning and implementing Chromebook tricks is extremely lucrative. All you have to do is, ensure that you have learnt the correct tricks and then, simply implement them accordingly.

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