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Encrypt External Drives In OS X Mountain Lion

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Did you ever want to encrypt external drives in OS X Mountain Lion? Do you wish to grab an insight to the procedure which you should follow in doing the same? Well, think no longer, as the guidelines here will effectively guide you aptly. Simply give in a quick read, in order to have a better grasp about the process, and other technical issues associated with it. Read along, to know better.

How to Easily Encrypt External Drives in OS X Mountain Lion?

Begin with a right click
Now, in order to encrypt your chosen data, you initially have to begin by right clicking on the external disk which you have planned to encrypt. Follow this up by, clicking on the Encrypt disk name option. This is an extremely simple procedure which can be aptly and effectively followed by all tech savvies and also the non- tech savvies.
Choose your password
After following up, with the above procedure, you will be asked to choose a password from where you can effectively have access to your chosen content. This password is absolutely very essential, and you should never lose it, under any specific condition. Moreover, you should not share this password to anybody either. It is recommended to store your password in a safe place like 1password, which again, will effectively keep your password apt and safe. By choosing the password, you are actually one step ahead to encrypt external drives on OS X Mountain Lion.
Now, after the password choosing bit, you can effectively and aptly encrypt your data without any discrepancies in the procedure.  All you have to do is, select the ‘encrypt disk’ option.  Simply go about with it, following the mentioned guidelines in order to get the external drives encrypted in a jiffy. Again, by following this procedure effectively, you will soon find your Mac encrypting all our chosen stuff in a matter of a few seconds. Right click each time you wish to know the status of it, and each time you will be liable to check the status of the encryption accordingly.
All in all, with reference to the above text we get to know that the process to encrypt external drives on OS X Mountain Lion is not only easy, but is also equally lucrative. All you have to do is, follow certain basic guidelines in order to get your chosen drive encrypted in a jiffy. Moreover, the advantages of opting for this encryption are also very lucrative and viable in all regards.

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