How to Remove Backgrounds from Images Online [Without Using Photoshop]

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Do you want to change the background of your original photo online, without using Photoshop? Do you find the too many functions of Photoshop baffling? Well, you can easily accomplish this action by following the steps below. These steps and benchmarks will effectively help you to grab e proper idea about this topic thereby enabling you to remove backgrounds from images online, quickly and very, easily.

How to Remove Backgrounds from Images Online [Without Using Photoshop]

Edit Photos For Free
This is an application which enables you to edit photo online, create collage and get much more exiting photo editing tools. Open the given link (http://editphotosforfree.com/photoapps/online-photo-editor-and-collage-maker) for a detailed idea about this application. There, you will find the scissor logo with photo cut-out option and you have to click on it. After that, a new window will appear where you will find the load or open button to upload your picture, accordingly. The step by step guideline of using this application is mentioned in the following text, which will make your desired job even easier.
Begin by masking over the image
After uploading the picture, use different size and pattern of brush to draw out the image carefully excluding the background. You will see that a green part of the image will be drawn on the right side preview and the non-green part will remain transparent. Use eraser from the right side and remove unwanted green part in case of any mistake. After completing the above procedure, look at the preview on the right side. You can also use brushes or eraser for more fine tuning. Click the save button to load the image on the main canvas.
Drag image for repositioning the cut-out photo. You can also rotate the image according to your need.
Choose Background for your customized image
Upload the background photo of your image by clicking on the “add photo” option and browse for the image from your drives. In fact, you can also get access to your Facebook account for browsing your album. Apart from that, you are even liable to check out some built-in background images from “Background” category. Try to incorporate simple solid colours in order to set as background.
Enlarge the Background Image
Stretch the selected picture and enlarge it to fit on the background of your image. Place the background image at the back by clicking on the “send back” option from the tab above. The cut-out image will automatically come in front. Click the front image and move it wherever you want to place it. Thus with the mentioned tips you can easily remove backgrounds from images online and also customize and enlarge them according to your convenience.
Finishing and Saving your Data
Adding a white shadow on the front image will look much more realistic and glowing. Click on the shadow dialog box having 3 sliders and one colour. Drag sliders to apply shadow on various position of the image. Select colour of your choice for this shadow touch effect. Check out your image and click on “Save Button” to store it in your drive or you can also upload it directly to your Facebook timeline.
Thus, on the whole, the procedure to remove backgrounds from images online is indeed a very viable decision. It will effectively provide you ample scopes to proceed and complete your specified goal without wasting much time in the intricacies of features. Thus, think no longer and install the mentioned app in order to enjoy its advantages.

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