10 Top Windows 8 Themes Absolutely Free

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Top Windows 8 themes are getting popular gradually:
Windows 8 is one of the leading OS of computer at present. A huge percentage of people have shifted to Windows 8 in a very short span of time. It has provided lots of new features and an awesome UI. The home screen looks very mesmerizing and this home screen was no where present in the previous versions. This new design has attracted most of the people. The same OS is present in the Windows smart phones also. There are plenty of boxes like thumbnails. These are known as the ‘tiles’ and the colors can be changed. These tiles look very stylish and gives a new look to the UI.

Windows 8 tiles have given a new outlook:
Windows 8 had provided options for changing the colors of these tiles and on changing color, all the tiles’ color changes. Now people get bored easily with one thing. It is a common drawback of all people of the present era. So software companies are ready to serve these people with new things to keep them alive. There are many companies that are coming up with themes for Windows 8. People who are bored with the common colored tiles of Windows 8 can download these themes and apply on their OS. Now people get confused which themes are better. There are plenty of themes available in the market. Lets discuss 10 Top Windows 8 Themes here.

10 Top Windows 8 Themes

So here is a list of 10 top Windows 8 themes.

  1. Magic Landscapes 2– This gives a wonderful scenario of nature as the wallpaper. Creative people would like this theme a lot.
  2. Aqua Dynamic– This theme will make the computer screen interactive. When a stone is dropped in water, ripples come up. In the same way, when mouse is clicked in this screen ripples will be seen.
  3. Waves Panoramic– This theme will make the user feel that he or she is sitting just beside a sea.
  4. Bridges Panoramic– This will give an awesome wall paper for the screen. It gives a realistic feeling to the user.
  5. Swedish Summer– There is few people who love nature. This theme is for them.

Themes for creative people:

  1. Cityscapes Panoramic– There is even few people who love metropolitan cities. This theme is for them.
  2. Spectacular Skies– This theme is for those people who love exceptional choices.
  3. Forests Panoramic– Its one of the best themes.
  4. Majestic Mountains Panoramic– This has been ranked well by the users.
  5. Magic Landscapes 2– This theme is very captivating and has been downloaded the most.

Hope you like our list of 10 Top Windows 8 Themes, Please add if you know about any other Top Windows 8 Themes.

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