Basic Idea of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Interface – Part 2

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Last time we have discussed First Part of Basic Idea of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Interface, Now we are going to share next part of article Basic Idea of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Interface here.

Basic Idea of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Interface – Part 2

The added features:
The new Adobe Photoshop CS6 has many awesome features that are now hot topic of discussion for the graphic designers. This version mainly aims at making the software more users friendly and easy. It has provided many wonderful tools which will make the working faster. Not only it has included many filters, but also it has laid stress on the efficiency of the users. First and foremost, the software should not be a pirated one. The company can identify the software if connected online and then stern legal actions will be taken. The Basic Idea of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is making the software easier than before.
Acceleration of the new version:
The acceleration in Photoshop CS6 is fantastic. No other graphic software can provide such rate of acceleration. This software has been voted as the best software by the graphic designers around the world. The Basic Idea of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is to utilize the full amount of computer’s Graphic Processing Unit or GPU. It has provided smooth running of effects and filters and also made the real time processing of the pictures faster. They have also introduced a new Oil Paint tool in the software. This creates textures like a painting. Though they have tried their best to make the processing faster, it also depends on the hardware configuration of the computer.
The Head Up Display or HUD:
This version of Photoshop will run only with 1 GB RAM, but for better result a photo card must be there. The first basic attractiveness of new Adobe Photoshop CS6 is its new look. This look is very captivating and the users would love it. The color range has been upgraded to a huge range of colors. Another new feature of this version is the ‘Head Up Display’ or HUD. The concept of this feature is that it will show information at the tip of cursor. The new filters provided in this version are just superb. These are far better than before.
Filters work more smoothly now:
The new tool introduced in this version is known as Content Aware Patch. This tool has the Content Aware Scaling feature of CS4 and Content Aware Fill feature of CS5. The filters can be applied at positions specified. This makes editing better and user efficient. The Basic Idea of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the new Camera Raw effects. It has brought lots of 3D effects. This gives the software a professional touch. So overall, this version is a complete package.

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