20 YouTube Tricks and Tips

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YouTube is the one of the most popular site at present. It has millions of members. This site has achieved success on a very short span of time. Many people sit back at home and keep uploading videos on YouTube. They spend hours on YouTube, but they lack some YouTube tricks. These YouTube Tricks are necessary for handling YouTube efficiently.

20 YouTube Tricks and Tips

  1. These days, the sharing the videos uploaded on YouTube is easier. The videos that are being uploaded on YouTube do not need to be shared explicitly on the social networking sites. There is an option which will automatically share the videos uploaded on YouTube to the selected social networking sites. To avail this feature, the user should click the user name on the top right of YouTube page. Then he or she should click the ‘Settings’ and then the ‘Sharing’ option.
  2. The language of medium of YouTube can be changed on YouTube. There are few videos uploaded on YouTube which have names in different languages. YouTube offers an on-screen keyboard. This keyboard varies according to the language. The language can be changed by clicking the ‘Language’ option at the bottom. From there, the language can be selected. The on-screen keyboard will be on this language.
  3. The video quality of the videos can be changed on Youtube. There are many resolutions such as 360p, 480p, etc. There are also HD versions on Youtube. The playbacks can be set to HD mode by default. To perform this, one must go to the Settings option. From there, he or she should select the Playback Option and the option will be there.
  4. Videos on Youtube can be selected to be watched later. May be one runs out of time to watch a video. May be he or she has to leave for some work, but the person if afraid that the link may get lost. So in that case he or she should click the option ‘Watch Later’. On clicking this option, the person can find this video later and watch on free time.
  5. People can know what the three thumbnails going to be for a video on Youtube. For every video on Youtube, it creates 4 thumbnails. First of all, the 11 digit alphanumeric code has to be replaced by the own video ID. This will give the thumbnail locations of a particular video.
  6. Finding the content for uploading video is very necessary. What people looks on Youtube while searching any video is the content. There are thousands of video for the same search element. People will see those videos whose content is better. They will share those on social networking site. They will even like the videos and post nice comments. No one is interested to know how a person brushes in the morning or how he eats, unless it has some universal message.
  7. Expressing oneself is very important. If one is not that much expressing, it will be his or her discredit. One should learn to speak out what should be said. The contents of a video should be expressed properly. Then only people will talk about those contents. Without expressing, people do not like it. The videos have to be made interesting in this way.
  8. Tagging is one of the essential parts of Youtube. More and more people or community has to be tagged on videos. This will attract the people. They will be aware of the videos posted on Youtube. People may like the videos and post on social networking sites.
  9. Little amount has to be spent for getting praised by people. The membership of Youtube is absolutely free of cost. So all it needs to be done is spending few bucks on a decent video camera. The video camera is the key source. It will record all the videos. Thus the video quality will be maintained if a good camera is bought.
  10. The video quality has to be checked. There are millions of videos on Youtube. But all videos do not have same quality. There are few videos that are really awful. Some people takes video on VGA camera and puts up on Youtube. People do not like it. The quality of the video has to be well maintained. All the videos posted should have good quality.
  11. People are the only source of these videos on Youtube. Thus being oneself is very important. It should not be thought that there are so many videos on Youtube and hardly 1% has been contributed by a user. This mentally should not exist. Single drops of water make up an ocean.
  12. People can even know the friends of another Youtube user. Sometimes people get interested to know friends of other users. But in many cases, many authors disable this system. Otherwise, people have to enter any Youtube user’s name instead of his or her Youtube user name. Then the friends will be shown over there of the other user.
  13. Clickable links can be added on the Youtube videos. This is really helpful. But Youtube does not allow the usage of clickable links on videos directly. The Non-profit organizations can only add clickable links on Youtube videos. These links have to be embedded to the videos. Then these videos can be posted to some other sites. There the clickable links work.
  14. People get tired and pissed off with the buffering speed of videos on Youtube sometimes. All the videos first get buffered and then run. That is one of the biggest drawbacks of Youtube. But this problem has been solved. No more problem of buffering. HTML5 has to be downloaded and added on Google Chrome. This removes the problem of buffering faced before. Mozilla Firefox does not support the HTML5.
  15. Youtube has many unofficial communities. Such a community has to be made. There should be a group of so called fan followers of a user. Those people should check the videos posted by the user regularly. They should also post reviews about the videos. The user should show them that he or she really cares for them .This can be done by checking the reviews regularly and replying all their comments. This way, they will feel that their comments are valuable to the user.
  16. Social networking sites must be utilized for spreading the community. The videos posted on Youtube must be shared on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. This way, the circle of the video will be increased. People will get to know about the videos more and more. They will speak about the videos. They may share the videos even.
  17. There are some keywords that help to search high quality videos on YouTube. Keywords like “&fmt=6” or “&fmt=18(480p)” added at the end of URL changes the audio, video and streaming quality of the videos. There are also keywords like “&fmt=22(720p HD)” and “&hd=1”. These commands make the video quality even higher.
  18. People often uses caption in the videos. Hardly few people know that these captions can be modified according to the user’s choice. There is option for changing the foreground, background color. There is also option for changing the size of font. All these will attract the users to see those captions. Only the CC icon has to be clicked and Settings to be selected.
  19. One must post the videos uploaded on YouTube to variety of sites. If one person has a blog site, he or she should post the videos over there. It will attract more people.
  20. There is option called ‘YouTube Slam’. This option lets the user rate the variety of videos. To avail this, ‘Try something new!’ has to be clicked and then the ‘YouTube Slam’.

YouTube has variety of tips and tricks. These YouTube Tricks will help a person to utilize YouTube in the right way. Using the YouTube Tricks and Tips mentioned above, one can easily achieve success on YouTube. He or she will get more likes and appreciations on YouTube and more people will know about the person.

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