How to Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 7

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Windows 8 has become very popular on a short span of time. But people are still using Windows 7. They love few features of Windows 7 a lot and so they are not willing to leave it. At the same time they are willing to take Windows 8. These people want to have both Windows 7 and Windows 8. What is the solution for these kinds of people? Dual boot is the solution. Many have heard of this solution while many have not. Well, the process to Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 7 is not that difficult. But the procedures to Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 7 have to be followed properly. Any mistake during the process will result in malfunctioning. First and foremost Windows 7 has to be there in the PC preinstalled. If Windows 8 is there and the user wants to install Windows 7 on it, the process may Work out. But there is no guarantee for that process. The process may happen for one person and may not for other.

How to Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 7

Creation of new partition:
Now the Disk Management console has to be opened. There all the drives will be shown including the system drive. Then the system drive has to be shrunk. On right clicking the system drive, there will be the option for shrinking the drive. The drive should have at least 30-50 GB of free space. Windows 8 ideally says to keep a 20 GB free space. But keeping around 30-50 GB free space would be better. If shrink cannot be done by normal process, the user may have to download third party app to do so. There are many third party apps available in the market.

Configuring the BIOS:
Now the BIOS have to be opened by restarting the machine. There has to be a bootable flash drive or disc. The boot priority has to be checked. The system has to be booted from that flash drive or the disc. Then there will be procedures to be followed which will lead to an option. This option will ask the user to select the partition on which the new OS is to be installed. On clicking to that new partition, the OS will be installed on the new partitioned space.
Installing Windows 8:
This will take a bit time. Now the Windows 8 disk or USB stick has to be inserted and rebooted. Then following the normal steps to install an OS will do the rest of the functions. Thus these are the simple steps to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 8.
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