5 Reasons to Use Third Party DNS Service

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Even though your internet provider runs various DNS Servers, you do not need to use them. Various third party DNS servers can be used for additional benefits.Use Third Party DNS Service for making the best of every situation. The top 5 reasons why you should use separate DNS Servers are listed below.

5 Reasons to Use Third Party DNS Service

Primary Reasons:

  • Considerable Improvements in Speed: Third party servers are usually faster than normal ISP servers. Your geographic location plays an important part, as the closer the server, faster the connection. Certain speed tools, such as Namebench, run various DNS servers, to check out their reliability and speed. This helps consumers test various servers, before opting for ISP or third party supported servers.
  • Improvements in Reliability: Speed alone is not enough. You need a reliable server as well. If your ISP provider has an unstable DNS connection, it is better to Use Third Party DNS Service, ifonly for reliability.
  • Protection against Phishing: Phishing sites need to be filtered and while DNS servers provided by your ISP is not always equipped to filter their contents; most third party servers are designed for phishing protection. For example, a computer running Windows XP, with Internet Explorer 6, offers much better protection against theft than it otherwise would.
  • Parental Control: If you have children at home, you will have to filter certain websites that are unsuitable for children’s viewing. Third party DNS servers provide such options that can be followed easily. Change your DNS settings, or opt for a pre-defined parental control option.When a filtered web site is accessed, your server will display the default message that the web site is blocked. This however is not a foolproof method, as children nowadays are getting smarter and tech savvy. Hence, you might have to come up with multiple layers of security, just to be sure.
  • Access Geoblocked Information: Special DNS servers can provide you direct link to access many geoblocked web sites too. When you access a website, a DNS server reaches out to make believe host web sites that you are located at a certain portion of the globe. Changing the DNS servers on your router will hence mislead a host, enabling you to access geoblocked web sites.

Summing Things Up:
Tunlr for example, is a reputed server, although its constant use is not recommended, as it slows down operations on constant use. Use Third Party DNS Service for maximum benefits.

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