How to Upload Video to Youtube from Google Drive

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Years after Google got introduced; it has shot a high rating amongst its users. A popular application of Google, the Google Drive is one such which has came up with a lot of useful features. Similar to Drop box, Google Drive has a lot to explore. The Google application offers its users a perfect cloud space and that too free of cost. The Chromebooks in Google drive are much to experience. Google account users can now enjoy more features like directly uploading video to YouTube from Google Drive. Have a look on the following procedures:

How to Upload Video to Youtube from Google Drive

  • Firstly, every user needs to have a must Google drive account and a YouTube account. Next, arrange the videos you want to share on YouTube.
  • Initially, get logged into your YouTube account (e.g. xyz@youtube.com) and access the setting option.
  • Similarly, you have to open you Google drive account.
  • Select the video you wish to upload on YouTube and right click on the share option.
  • Following the share option, select the option mentioned as “Email as Attachments”. The option will ask for the address of the email id on where it is to be shared. Users can also add subjects and put a catchy title which will be shown on YouTube to get more viewers.
  • You can also keep a copy of your video by sending the video to self mail id through the checkbox labeled “send a copy to myself”.
  • Click the send option and the video will get uploaded on YouTube. So, uploading video to YouTube from Google drive gets half done.
  • Once YouTube receives the video, a confirmation mail is sent stating that the video has been received by YouTube and is currently being processed.
  • The processing takes a few minutes and after that the video gets gelled with all other video on YouTube.
  • You can also make changes on the video through edit manager option on the setting page but is must be done before the link gets shared with other web links.

Uploading video on YouTube is easy but there are chances where rejection of the video can occur due to large file. In that situation, steps are a bit different where options are different for limitless video.
Use the above easy steps and enjoy the world of interesting features offered by Google. So, Google users, uploading video to YouTube from Google drive is indeed easy!

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