Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen Without Any Tool

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Windows 8 is attractive and has excellent new features as you all know! Yet, there are some users who face few difficulties with the Lock screen in Windows 8 and further ones. As they do not get any benefit from it, so it is a waste for them to keep it. You can now easily disable windows 8 lock screen and that too without using any tool. Are you interested to remove it? Come have a look at these easy procedures!

How to Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen Without Any Tool

Now, the fact is that windows 8 do not have any such individual option to disable the lock and you don’t worry. If you are to disable it from a tablet, the lock screen appears directly but if is from a desktop or laptop, a login process requires. Now there are two ways to disable the lock:

  1. One, by using Registry editor.
  2. Another, by using Group Policy editor.

Firstly, we discuss on how to disable windows 8 lock screen by Registry Editor
So, have a look and Follow the steps:

  1. Click on the combined keys “WIN+R” to start up the dialog box named “RUN”. On the writing place, type “regedit” and Enter to open Registry Editor.
  2. Now move on to the following key -HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Personalization. If not present, create it on your own.
  3. Click on the personalization option present on the right side and create a new DWORD NoLockScreen and change the value of it to 1.
  4. Close the window and restart your device to save the changes.

Secondly, let’s discuss how to disable the lock screen by using policy editor
So, have a look and Follow the steps:

  1. Click on the combined key “WIN+R” and start the RUN option. Type gpedit.msc and click ENTER to access to the Group Policy Editor.
  2. Follow a quick step to Computer configuration, then to Administrative Templates, following to Control panel. From there go to Personalization option.
  3. An option appears “Do not display the lock screen”. Double click on it to change its status to “Enable”.
  4. Finally, restart your device to see the change.

To disable windows 8 lock screen through both of these methods, know the details of how to lock it perfectly. You can also start the lock screen feature through few steps.

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