How to Merge and Split Ebooks

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EBook is the new technological advancement that is fast taking up hard copy books. It has got merits or demerits with merits predominating. It is compact, will not wear and tear and can be read in computer, smart phones and eBook readers anywhere and anytime. Now there are certain conditions when people want to Merge and Split Ebooks.

How to Merge and Split Ebooks

Need for splitting or merging eBooks:
Often people wish to split up a huge novel or anthology into small fragments which becomes easier to read. There are even conditions like a person having much poetry which he or she would like to compile together in a single eBook form. These two conditions are just instances; there may be many more reasons for splitting and merging of eBooks. Now the question is how to do this? Well it is pretty simple. This lesson will require few things such as a free eBook managing software called Calibre, EpubMerge/Spit plug in and DRM free eBooks in epub format.
Plug-in and software required:
All these software and plug-ins need to be installed following instructions available in the internet. Firstly let’s discuss about how to merge eBooks. For this, eBooks need to be converted in ePub form and then using EpubMerge, one can arrange the order using arrow keys provided. After arranging, OK has to be clicked. After this, Calibre makes a metadata of merged documents and user is requested to review the merged eBook before finalizing. After this, one can merge finally during which one cannot stop the process. If any problem arises due to non epub document, it will be shown as failure.
Finalizing the task:
Once merge is done, your merged eBook is ready. Now how to split eBooks? For this, if one has got previously stored metadata, then he or she can “Unmerge” it to split it up while doing Merge and Split Ebooks. But if there is no stored metadata, splitting has to be done manually loading the eBook in Calibre and doing all the work manually. Few portions of the eBook needs to be highlighted which will be extracted and then finalizing of documents needs to be done.
During the process of splitting, no changes can be made similar to merging. So Merge and Split Ebooks are easier than expected, just one need to arrange those plugins and software and keep those handy. Those are the main elements behind the job. Splitting and merging often becomes very needy thing to do at certain times by some users.

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