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5 Top Google Plus Chrome Extensions

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Google Chrome has got various extensions that help to modify and use Google Chrome in a better way. Those give flexibility and efficiency to the users and help to use various other sites in a better way. They are some kinds of tricks that make the working faster. Here are the Top Google Plus Chrome Extensions.

5 Top Google Plus Chrome Extensions

  1. Extended Share for Google Plus- This is one of the Top Google Plus Chrome Extensions. Google Plus does not have any option which will let the user share any item on walls of Facebook or Twitter page directly. But with the help of this extension, a user can share anything anywhere. As soon as it is clicked, the extension will bring up the internal bubble which will ask the user where he or she will post the thing. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/extended-share-for-google/oenpjldbckebacipkfbcoppmiflglnib
  2. Usability Boost for Google Plus- This will help the user to improve the visualization of the posts of Google Plus. The user will be able to focus more on the contents and the extension will separate the posts and comments. The notification bar will be fixed at the top permanently. Thus the user will never miss any important notification. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/usability-boost-for-googl/dkcppcocablbakkaboahjmljpodddkcp
  3. Google+ Ultimate for Google Plus- This is such an extension which will help to modify the Google Plus page. It changes or rather configures few functions and changes the theme of Google Plus. This is another of the Top Google Plus Chrome Extensions. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nhogbifmjccfhopdggilcbeamcmlhmgo
  4. Notification Count for Google Plus- People keep talking about other people on social networking sites. But one must be aware of everything on these sites. Many times there are so many notifications that the tagged ones get missed. Thus this extension will help the user to sort out the notifications from others. This is another Top Google Plus Chrome Extensions. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/notification-count-for-go/ehcjeejpbinpibjicmpcdeenfmehlpjk
  5. G+ me for Google Plus- This extension enhances the rate of the posts and comments on Google Plus. It speeds up the Google Plus app and makes the working faster. The notifications are found in real time absolutely and there are not latency at all.

These extensions are the Top Google Plus Chrome Extensions. The extensions have been voted as the best ones and people have given good reviews. The extensions work smoothly with the Google Chrome and the best out of it can be found. Thus the extensions must be utilized to the fullest.

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