How to Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com

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Calling has always been exciting in Skype. It has provided awesome video calling facilities. Outlook.com provides good internet facilities. But this time, Skype makes collaboration with Outlook and now Skype calls can be done from Outlook. On launching this feature, users were very excited. To Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com, follows the procedure.

How to Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com

Exciting feature:
Microsoft has released this new feature throughout the world and people were interested to know how it is possible. The feature brought excitement within everyone. This concept has never been thought before. To Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com, those users who have a previous version of Outlook will be getting plugged in for Internet Explorer, Firefox as well as Chrome. The people having older version should also get the privilege. They deserve that feature too. Thus Microsoft is thinking about those kinds of people and making plug in which will be suitable for all the browsers on the Internet. To Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com, the plug in will have to be downloaded and installed on the computer.
The installation procedures must be followed and installed correctly. As soon as the plug in is installed and ran, the plug in will ask the user to connect its Microsoft account with the Skype account. If the user has no Skype account, it has to be created. Creating a Skype account is very easy. The Skype home page has to be opened. There the user will get option for registering on the site. The procedures must be followed and Skype account will be created. To Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com, this should be linked to the Microsoft account of the user.
Linking Microsoft account with Skype:
As soon as this is done, the user can start making video calls on Skype via the Outlook. Whenever the mouse pointer is hovered over a friend’s name of Outlook, the Skype icons must be observed. Microsoft started this feature initially for the people of UK. Then it was launched in the US, Japan and Germany. People were waiting keenly to avail this feature quickly. This is one of the most fantastic features ever on internet. The feature has been tested properly before launching and there were no failures at all during the test.
Skype has been the most popular software for making video calls. It serves the best video calling service. When Skype collaborates with Outlook, it is altogether something sort of a package. Better things at its best. To Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com, the above procedures must be followed properly without an error.

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