How to Add a Custom Background Image to Windows 8 Start Screen

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One of the important features that can be seen in Windows 8 Operating System is the Start screen. It is usually seen when you first log into the operating system and also seen a majority of time while using the system. There are many types of ways through which you can have Custom Background Image to Windows 8 Start Screen by which you can go directly into the desktop; it is most unlikely that most people would like to use it

How to Add a Custom Background Image to Windows 8 Start Screen

Microsoft Restriction:
It might feel very might odd that Microsoft has decided to lock down the options to customize the Start Screen. Instead of customizing the background for the Start screen, Microsoft has given the user the options to change only the 20 background image that comes preloaded with the operating system. While Microsoft has still has still given the option to change the background picture, but the company has bared the user from having Custom Background Image to Windows 8 Start Screen the important part of the operating system.
It can be said here that there are many third party program which can help you change the background picture of the Start Screen. Programs such as can help you with this. Although this is not a freeware, but when applied after purchasing license can offer the best of Windows 8 by customizing the background image of the Start Screen.
Programs that can help:
There is also a free program Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer which can be used. However it is recommended to do a full backup or restore point of the system since it is a beta release. This program is virus free and is verified by antivirus such as Virus total. The program is archived as a 7 zipped file. In order to unpack this file, you will need an archiving program or software that are supporting to open 7z format. It can be seen that the extension of the file is changed from .exe to .ex_ to avoid blocking from anti-virus software, Just change the extension and you are ready to go.
Finally the answer:
To customize the Start Screen background, select Load Picture and select the desired image file from your hard disk. Now you have to drag and drop in order the rectangle for selecting the portion of the image to be used as your background image. Once you have finalised it, select on Apply and you are done. The software automatically switches to the Start screen to see if it is done properly or not. You have to make the option ticked to auto start in order to set the picture permanently and change Custom Background Image to Windows 8 Start Screen when the operating system starts.

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