Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC Interface Part 1

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Adobe After Effects is one of the best products of Adobe Corporation so far. It gives the videos a new dimension and a professional outlook. This product has got lots of exciting effects that help in the post production of video editing. Here is a brief discussion of Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC Interface for the beginners.

Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC Interface Part 1

The new exciting tools:
The new Adobe After Effects CC is livelier than before with a bunch of new features and tools. The new Live 3D Pipeline tools is one of the best tools provided in the Adobe After Effects CC. In the 4D CINEMA, the 3D objects can be added in the scenes directly without converting it in any other form. There is a new Creative Cloud on this Adobe Effects CC version. This enhances the creativity of the user in working with video. It is a cloud tool which the user can get as an app subscription or being a member of this creative cloud. Another best tool in this version is the Refine Edge tool which makes the scene become prominently focused at some points keeping the background blurred. This makes the editing much easier for the user. Power stroke is another newly introduced tool which makes it easier for the users to make masks of great clarity. The zMatte helps the user to make mattes of varied qualities with the least parameters with hair line detailed videos also.
User friendly UI:
There is a new Pixel Motion Blur. This tool helps to enhance a motion in a scene. It makes the image blur a little to make the motion better. The new Text and shape layers help to make the credits look smarter. There is the new Cycore FX HD which let the user edit footages of high bit depths. The plug-ins used in HD videos is in 16bpc and 34bpc. It has got a very interactive user interface. All the necessary tools are available among the screen elements. The effects are found at the right hand side of the screen.
Folders to make things organized:
In this software, folders can be made to keep all the files organized. It is highly recommended to keep all the elements inside a folder and work will be easier and organized then. The timeline shows the running time and the layers of the composition on the video. There is a vertical red line on the timeline which acts as a marker showing the current position of the video. This red line can be shifted manually to change the position of the video.
The UI of Adobe After Effects has been made in such a way so that beginners as well as professionals feel comfortable to work on it. All the tools have been made handy so that when need arises, the user need not have to search for them and thus save the precious time.
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