How To Add Shortcuts To My Computer in Windows 8

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It is in the sense to Add Shortcuts To My Computer, the first thing that comes in mind how to add it?? My computer contains various thinks like local disks, other related networks and flash drives which in turn gives easy access to all such containing needs. Apart from this you can also add any type of files and folders on my computer through various ways, which are discussed below.

How To Add Shortcuts To My Computer in Windows 8

This method of adding folders and many programs in my computer utilizes the space within it thus, keeping the desktop free from icons. The items which you want to add within my computer can easily be added by following few steps. It also gives the user quick access to different program and folder.
Adding Program:
In order to Add Shortcuts To My Computer first thing you need to do is navigate to special folder. Folders containing the shortcuts will be shown on my computer . The next step is to click on windows key + R and write %appdata% within the box and press ok. After that navigate to Microsoft > Windows > Network Shortcuts. These shortcuts, which you have placed here is going to be shown on my computer. It is very simple.
Adding folder:
As we know that any shortcut can be added to my computer, likewise folder shortcut can also be added. It is very easy to add here you need to right click on the folder you want to add and click on the option create shortcut. As the shortcut gets created the simple thing you need to do is right click on the shortcut folder and click on the cut option. Go to my computer open it and the final step paste it on the selected network shortcut folder. The same way we did the above transferred program to Add Shortcuts To My Computer.
Add control panel:
Completing program and folders, we come towards control panel, creating shortcuts on my computer you can also have quick access to control panel. The easier one out of all is to add a control panel to my computer. The first thing you have to do is open the control panel window and my computer, minimize both my computer and the control panel window. Next you need to drag items from the control panel to my computer in the selected shortcut network folder.
You can also watch this video to Add Shortcuts To My Computer in Windows 8.

This is how you can Add Shortcuts To My Computer which is well equipped of all your shortcuts used frequently and easy access link. For the ones who want their desktop neat and clean can take all the necessary steps discussed above and make themselves satisfied with doing it.

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