Beginners Guide to Google Drive for Newbies

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Google has launched its latest addition to its feature list on Gmail. This feature is known as the Google Drive. With the invention of this feature, Google has really impressed its users. Previously users were not allowed to upload file more than 25mb on one mail. So before it was not possible to upload files more than 25mb of size. But now, this is possible with the help of Google Drive. Google drive brings many features in its package, lets checkout our Beginners Guide to Google Drive for Newbies.

Beginners Guide to Google Drive

Why Google drive?
Of course cloud feature is also available on other platforms too, But the users of Google will not shift to those companies after solving the problem. Hence Google satisfied its customers and so there will be no decrement in the number of Google-users. With the access of internet connection, Google Drive can be used from any device. Google Drive is very easy and simple to use. Google-users will be very happy to use it as it comes with many collaboration tools. Google Drive is a cloud service. Getting the best out of it for a newbie is very simple. So read our Beginners Guide to Google Drive here.
Within a few easy steps, Google Drive will come under the grip. These are:

  • First and foremost, there has to be a Google account. If not, then an account has to be created.
  • Creating a Google account is very simple. Just clicking the option ‘Sign Up’ and following few steps will do it.
  • After that, the user can download the Google Drive in the form of a desktop app. He or she can even try it out in the browser, but only in online mode. If the user wants to access it in offline mode, the app needs to be downloaded.
  • Downloading Google Chrome adds some extra features to the Google Drive.

Using the Google Drive package
Using Google Drive is very easy. First, the ‘Create’ button needs to be clicked. Then there will be a drop down menu. There are numerous options like Word Document, Spreadsheet, Slide, Forms and many third-party apps. Using these is very easy for a person who has used Microsoft Office package. To upload anything, an icon next to the ‘Create’ icon is to be pressed. Then the files should be browsed and added. If a person has latest Chrome or Firefox, then files can be added by dropping.
Sharing of documents
Another awesome feature of Google Drive is the ‘Share’ option. The elements of Google Drive can be shared among many people. Also it gives the option of restricted access. People, with whom confidential office data are required to be shared, can be given limited access to the documents or the drive to make sure security maintenance.
Google Drive can also be accessible in your smartphone or tablet via apps, Google drive apps available for Android Play Store, iPhone Apple Store or Windows phone stores. If you have any issues to accessing Google drive, or have any queries in above Beginners Guide to Google Drive for Newbies, please share with us in Our comment section.

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