Gmail vs Outlook.com Comparision

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Google is a leading company in the IT world. It has several other branches. These branches deal with various Google components. Google is the most successful search engine in the IT world. People these days refer Google as the internet. One of the famous components of Google is its email service. It is known as the Gmail. This email service is the most widespread email service so far. Ninety percent of the net users use Gmail as their email service. Other email services are also there like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. But Gmail is voted as the best email service provided by the users. Here we are going to check Gmail vs Outlook.com Comparision for our readers.

Gmail vs Outlook.com Comparision


With the challenging competition of Gmail, Microsoft has also launched web version of its popular email client Outlook as an email service, which is known as Outlook.com. The front end of Outlook.com mail service is inspired by Microsoft Outlook with a Simple and Clean design. And the back-end of this service was borrowed from Microsoft own Hotmail.com, the older web email service of Microsoft. We can say that Outlook.com is the new version or improved of Hotmail. Outlook.com faces immense pressure from Gmail. Gmail obviously has more members than Outlook.com. But according to the user review, people have chosen Outlook.com for business purpose. Microsoft’s Outlook.com servers in corporate world are more important than in normal informal life. People generally do not use Outlook.com for informal use, because Outlook.com is on its early days and still to be improved with many more features, and it does not have many features compare to Gmail. Gmail serves brilliantly for informal uses. It has a very easy mailing system.

You can add friends in a list in Gmail. It all comes under a friend-circle. It also provides the users with a chatting facility in your email sevice. The online friends are shown over there in the list. So you can use email service, and same time can connected to your friends with in the email interface, which is a good thing. Similarly With Outlook you can seamlessly connects with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc. You can also able to directly chat with Facebook friends from Outlook.com email service. You can also like and comment on Facebook status updates and much more.  As you all know Microsoft has purchased Skype last year, so Similar to Google Video chat in Gmail, Microsoft is going to integrate Skype service inside the Outlook.Com for video calling. As i said, Outlook.com has simple and clean user interface, with email centric features for targeted users. Microsoft improves spam protection system compare to its previous service with is very good. Both has their email apps for mobile phones and performance wise both are good, with their limitations.
Pros and cons of Gmail vs Outlook.com:
It also has an awesome system. The users can go online, busy or even invisible being online. The users can put the status in their Gmail account. The friends of that user can view that status on their account. The users can also have video chat in Gmail. Outlook.com has very few customization tools. Unlike Gmail, it is very boring. Users cannot modify their account to much extent. Because Outlook.com is designed to attract people, who want their email service neat and simple, without any flashy ads around their emails, so Microsoft designed Outlook.com as a distraction free email service.
Gmail’s complementary tool:
Although Outlook.com email service is not very flexible. It does not provide the users with so many options unlike Gmail. Gmail has launched a superb feature known as the Google Drive. With the help of this, up to 10GB of files can be uploaded. Microsoft is already in the cloud space with their cloud service Sky Drive, which is integrated to Outlook.com email service. It has 7GB capacity. Gmail on the other hand, has many package tools like the Document tool, Spreadsheet package and other complementary tools. Users don’t have to use Microsoft Office package. They can use these tools directly online. This Google Drive can be accessed offline also. For that the users have to download the desktop app of Google Drive.
There is no doubt that, in the Gmail vs Outlook.com Comparision, Gmail has upper hand due to its variety of services integrated with email. Where on the other side Outlook.com is definitely has potential to become No. 1 in the email arena with its refreshing and clean design. But Microsoft has to improve feature list for Outlook.com. Both has their advantages and disadvantages, it’s up to the user what they need from their email service.
What do you think about Gmail vs Outlook.com Comparision, do you think Outlook.com can beat Gmail in the future?

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