Create Customized Tab on Office 2013 Ribbon

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The Ribbon feature was initially introduced in MS Office 2007, but it was too confusing in initial days. In Office 2013, it has been improved and now can be used to create Customized Tab on Office 2013 Ribbon. You can put all the tools and commands on your own customized tabs, which will ultimately help you create and edit document quickly. But how do you create a custom tab using the ribbon feature on Office 2013? Here are the steps to Create Customized Tab on Office 2013 Ribbon:

Create Customized Tab on Office 2013 Ribbon

  1. In order to create a Customized Tab on the Office 2013, first open any Office app, say Word. On the ribbon, if you right click, 4-5 options will be displayed. Select the “Customize the Ribbon” option. A dialog box will open and will display the “Customize the Ribbon and keyboard shortcuts” screen. There you will see two columns –“Choose Commands from” on the left and “Customize the Ribbon” on the right.
  2. On the “Customize the Ribbon” column, you will see a list of tabs that are available for that ribbon. At the bottom of that list, you will find New Tab. Click on it and a new tab will be added. Now  personalize this tab.
  3. Right click on the new tab again and select the Add New Group option. Personalize it by right clicking on it and selecting the Rename option. You can add a new name and a new icon from the Symbol box.
  4. When a new tab is created, it is positioned right after the Home tab. To move the tab to a new location, just select the tab on the ribbon and using the up arrow or down arrow button on the right of the screen, fix its new position.
  5. Now you need to add commands to your customized group.  For this, first select a command group from the “Choose Commands from” column. Then select a command from under that group and drag-and-drop it on your customized group. You can also use the add button in between the two columns. Then rearrange the commands using the arrow buttons. When all the required commands are added to your group, click the OK button at the bottom and then close the dialog box. The new tab will be displayed on the Ribbon with all your favorite commands.

This is how you can just create Customized Tab on Office 2013 Ribbon and add commands you use most. It will surely speed up your document-editing process.

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