Edit or Change Date of already Sent or Received Mail in Outlook 2010

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In the present age, a major portion of the communication takes place through phone calls and emails. Especially, formal communication takes place between two companies, or between two people in the same company, through emails. Emails are also used by friends, colleagues and family to keep in touch. Those who frequently use email will notice that some emails which are sent, or which arrives in the inbox, have incorrect dates and times. Here is the method to Edit or Change Date of already Sent or Received Mail in Outlook 2010.

How to Edit or Change Date of already Sent or Received Mail in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Why does the error in date and time creep in?

There can be various causes behind the appearance of incorrect dates and times in the emails. One of the most prominent causes is the presence of bugs in the emailing system. This might cause some time difference to creep in from the point of time when the mail is sent and when it is received. This might cause the received mail date to have an incorrect date.

How to change the incorrect date in the sent or received mail?

If an email is sent with an incorrect date, then each and every mail which is sent will be saved by Microsoft Outlook 2010 with the incorrect date. The time required to change the incorrect dates in these mails depends on the number of emails there are in your email system. The steps are quite straight-forward, but can be time consuming if there are a lot of mails.

The process

To start the process, it is required to launch Microsoft Outlook 2010 and then navigate to the list of the emails which have incorrect dates on them. The steps which follow hereafter will have to be carried out for the mails with incorrect dates.

How to change the date for each mail?

Select the mail which has an incorrect date and then drag it out onto the Windows Desktop. Right clicking on the file, there are many options which are presented. Choose the “Open With” option by left-clicking on it. The list of programs is shown and you need to select the Notepad program. The email opens in Notepad, showing all of its contents along with the headers in the email. The date of the received or sent mail is stored inside this file itself. Change the date to your desired date, and then save the file. Now that the date is changed, drag the file back to Microsoft Outlook 2010. The process is complete.


The above mentioned process is a time consuming process, but at the moment, it is the only way to Edit or Change Date of already Sent or Received Mail in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

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