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10 Top Windows Apps and Widgets for Desktop

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With advance in technology nowadays lots of Top Windows Apps and Widgets for Desktop users. These Top Windows Apps and Widgets help user to improve the performance of their machine and work faster. Before installing an app one must know what impact it will have in his or her desktop. Here we are going to discuss about Top Windows Apps and Widgets for Desktop, which are important for your day to day usage.

10 Top Windows Apps and Widgets for Desktop

  1. FluffyApp
    Similar to what is known as GrabBox this app is build on CloudApp and helps in sharing of files and documents easily. This app is a lightweight and fits in the taskbar easily. When you require sharing any file just drag it down to the FluffyApp icon. It uploads the file automatically and places the file’s URL into the clipboard. One just has to click paste and then send it and thus everything you needed will be shared. This app is really easy to configure and really comes in handy.
  2. All CPU Meter
    This is a type of widget and really helps the user a lot. This app monitors and shows an individual his desktops CPU usage (generally in %) and the usage of the memory (RAM). Unlike other CPU meters this is not so complex to use and really easy to put in use.
  3. Microsoft Security Essentials
    This software is available from Microsoft and is really an alternate to anti-virus software. Antivirus in general reduces the performance of your desktop and makes it slow. To many this software is an alternate to antivirus as it does not nag or up sell you. This is one of the important and is part of Top Windows Apps and Widgets list.
  4. Facebook Explorer
    Nowadays people spend a lot of time on social networking and this software appropriately fits their requirement. This software helps the user by providing them with all the latest updates from friends or liked pages. This software gives a compact form view of all the recent status and has some other essential properties.
  5. Rain Meter
    If your Windows Desktop does not look good you can personalize it by yourself. This tool helps you to customize the sidebar, create a widget and change the desktop into whatever you want it to be. To spruce up the desktop in a cool way this tool comes in handy.
  6. Ultimate Explorer
    This is another cool gadget useful in our day to day life. You can search for popular websites from your desktop without opening your browser. With the help of this compact gadget you can search YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Digg, Amazon and lot more.
  7. Launchy
    If you are someone who love to have a lot of apps can use this software. This tool is very easy to use all you need to write in its search bar is the app’s name you want to open. Using Space+Alt this tool gets activated.
  8. Skitch
    This is a Windows 8 style based app and is really an alternate to Photoshop. Photoshop can be confusing to many and this app is for them. It is really easy to use and nearly any editing can be done with this.
  9. Metro Twit
    A twitter client with good looks out there is Metro Twit. It’s really stylish and handy to configure. This software available in windows 8 is not as good as the normal version but is quiet helpful.
  10. ObjectDock
    This is an app for all those who love to have a Mac OS. This app functions to provide a dock similar to that of Mac’s one. The dock provided you this app is even more attractive to look at than the Mac’s dock bar. You can put folders and shortcuts here and use it as per requirement.

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