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Dell Latitude E6430s review

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Latitude E6430s has that solid look matched with awesome customization options that make it a trendy yet reliable model. Dell claims that it has a 14 inch screen in a 13 inch chassis. Those who love feather light models will not enjoy using Latitude E6430s. Although Dell has not branded it as being sturdy and strong, it has a Tri-metal Chassis that has been designed for military use. It definitely balances both the type of needs. Latitude E6430s boasts of a very professional look which suits the business class. It has a width of 33.5 cm and a thickness of 2.68 cm. The least weight that you can expect with this model is 1.7 kg which consists of 3 cells and an SSD.
If you prefer to go for a 6-cell battery, you can expect a weight of 2.14 kg. You can neither categorize it as being too heavy nor too light. It comes with an LED-backlit screen coupled with a matte anti-glare look. Viewing angles provide a better view when you use the horizontal plane instead of the vertical plane. The screen is capable of angling up to 180 degrees and it remains in place wherever you position. You can easily place it at your desired angle and it will provide you a comfortable view of the screen.
The mid portion of the screen holds a HD webcam. In addition, you will also find a dual array microphone. The camera comprises of Dell Webcam Central software. The keyboard is placed in a slight concavity and what marks it from the dark surroundings is a light-grey trim. The spill-resistant board does not have any noticeable flex in its design. You have the option for dual navigation. It includes a touchpad with multitouch option and a pointing stick which has keyboard embedded in it. Most of us might not like the concave shaped model which is also flat-topped.
Even though Dell’s UK website has only two types of Latitude E6430s models, the greatest advantage is that you can customize it according to your choice. Originally it consists of a 4GB of DDR3 RAM but if you wish, you can easily upgrade it to 6GB or 8GB. It has been primarily been designed as a business workhorse which is portable. So, it’s quite natural to contain integrated graphics. The hard disks have a storage capacity of 750 GB and it comes with a shock absorber and an accelerometer which inducts head parking and rubber isolation.
You can enjoy wireless connectivity as it comprises of a Bluetooth 4.0, dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet. There are sufficient number of ports and slots placed at the sides of the laptop. You will also find a VGA port, a smart card reader and a combo jack for headphone or microphone. There is also an optical drive above which you will find a separate switch exclusively for wireless radios. Most part of the back of the notebook is occupied by a Li-ion battery. If you notice well, you will find that it protrudes to 2cm which is actually very comfortable to hold. E6430s owners can enjoy complete business-class security coupled with management features. There is very little you can do about the graphics but when you upgrade the RAM an add hybrid SSD, you can expect significant improvement in its performance.
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