Tips To Increase Your Smartphone Security

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The rapid advancements in technology have made smartphones vulnerable to cyber attacks. There are many internet and mobile threats from which you have to secure your smartphone. Users also store their sensitive data in the smartphones necessitating the need to initiate security measures to ensure that such data is not misused. The following measures will help to increase your smartphone security.

  • Set a complex password

It is preferable to have an alphanumeric password to secure your smartphone. This is the foremost step you need to take so that nobody can unlock the screen. A minimum of 8 characters in combination is recommended to be effective. It is also advised that you choose something uncommon and change it at frequent intervals. After installing the password, enable the auto destruct option. If a wrong password is keyed in continuously, then after the set number, the smartphone will on its own self wipe out the stored data.

  • Note the IMEI number

You can find the IMEI number of your smartphone in the battery compartment. This unique number can be used to trace your smartphone in case it gets lost or stolen. Blocking the phone with the help of the 15 digit IMEI number helps in preventing the thief from making use of the SIM in the phone.

  • Install smartphone monitoring software

There are many safety features in the smartphone monitoring software that will enable you to safeguard the phone by issuing alarms to indicate location or remotely lock the phone. The installation of the monitoring software such as Spy Mobile on your smartphones also helps to secure your data by enabling remote wipe out, to prevent misuse.

  • Avoid access to unknown apps

Trying to access apps or downloading from pirated sites infringes on your smartphone security. It is recommended that you make use of apps that are made available from reliable sources to ensure that your smartphone security is not compromised.

  • Install antivirus software

It is advisable not to open mail attachments from unknown sources as they could be the source of virus, thus endangering your smartphone. Install antivirus software and regularly update them so that all emerging virus threats are taken care of.

  • Enable a remote wipe

Despite taking precautions when you lose your phone, how do you ensure its safety? Enable a remote wipe command and prevent anybody from accessing your data. If you realize that your smartphone has been stolen and the culprits have been successful in unlocking the phone, you can prevent access to your data by remotely wiping it from the smartphone.

  • Install a backup app

You have taken sufficient safety measures to ensure your smartphone security. The added measure is to have a backup plan in place. By doing so, all your information from your smartphone is regularly transferred to your mail account. Even in case the data has to be wiped out for security reasons, you will have a back up to fall back upon.
The detriments in technology can be overcome by making some smart moves and with the use of security software. Loss due to theft or misplacement can be mitigated by installing the mobile monitoring apps which have an embedded GPS tracking device to trace your smartphone location.
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