How to Download Actual Uploaded YouTube Video Instead of Predefined Sizes

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People had been facing problem in downloading YouTube videos since many days. Firstly they cannot download the videos available on YouTube. Most of the people are facing this problem. The rest of the people, who are able to download the videos, cannot get those in original sizes. That is a great problem indeed. Many people are getting much software available online for downloading the videos of YouTube. But they are getting several options of video-formats before downloading the videos. They are not getting any option which shows the original size of the video that has been uploaded. This creates a problem. So today we will discuss How to Download Actual Uploaded YouTube Video from YouTube Instead of Predefined Sizes.
Video formats cannot be rendered from lower to higher:
Suppose a video has been uploaded which was originally at 360p format. Now if a user opts for HD quality for the same video, then he would not be getting what he expects. A video format can never be rendered from lower file format to higher format. Higher to lower is possible which will degrade the quality. But lower to higher be impossible since the software cannot improve the quality of the video. The pixels will be missing while converting a video from lower to higher level. So the software cannot provide the video with missing pixels. There arises the problem. Here is a solution to to Download Actual Uploaded YouTube Video from YouTube Instead of Predefined Sizes.

How to Download Actual Uploaded YouTube Video Instead of Predefined Sizes

Google Takeout is the solution:
This feature introduced by Google is one of the awesome innovations. It has helped people a lot. It not only helps people in terms of Youtube, but in other aspects as well. Using this feature, people can Download Actual Uploaded Youtube Video associated to a particular Gmail ID. The videos that were downloaded initially using that Gmail ID can be downloaded in the original resolution. It must be remembered that a single ID must be not be used to upload tons of video in Youtube. Gmail assigns every ID with a certain amount of space. If this space gets used up, then it will be a problem.
How to operate Google Takeout:
Using this Google Takeout is very simple. Even someone who does not know it can use it easily. First and foremost Google Takeout has to be opened using the Gmail ID with which the videos are associated in YouTube. Then it will show the variety of categories. The YouTube has to be selected. This will show the amount of space used up by the videos uploaded. On clicking ‘Create Archive’, You can Download Actual Uploaded YouTube Video on the user’s PC. These videos are in the actual resolution in which they were uploaded initially. So this feature by Google helps a lot to download the YouTube videos in their original resolutions.

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